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Rhonda's BUG Screen

Hunter's BUG Screen  

Gettysburg Wedding - May 15, 2010 - Mr. & Mrs. Hank Janney

Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

Rhonda signed for 3 hours after the first show

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

Elvis in Gettysburg
Elvis in Gettysburg!

jim G.

What a great bunch of pictures, I like the one where Rhonda is waiting to come on stage what a great photo!


Yeah, that is a great picture.  I LOVE the dress Rhonda.  You find some of the greatest dresses!

Whitey & Linda
Great pictures, I love the one of the whole band, so  handsome and beautiful, (love the color co-ordination,) also like the one of Rhonda waiting, also liked the one of the bug net, also!!! lol, OK!! I LOVE THEM ALL.
 And to the married couple, Mr and Mrs. Hank Janey the best to you, hope you have many years together, what a great place for a wedding.   Linda
I  relly like the "waiting to enter" photo too.

And what a lovely thing to see - "older folks" still wanting to make the committment to, and so obviously smitten with, each other. Mrs Janey is beautiful...

Thanks for sharing, and - as usual - doing your best to make people happy. Rhonda and The Rage, I really do love you all.

Dean the Boston Boy
Couldn't make it -had to work
 Hey,that minister looks like old Pap Stevens from the Stevens Family Band. (I know he's an ordained minister-and they are an excellent band!))

Great album...thanks for sharing

Michael "Arkansas&qu
Anytime I 've seen Rhonda in person or in good photos her eyes knock me out ...they are so beautiful.  Rhonda,You indeed are a one-of-a-kind Beautiful Woman,like none other.   The photo of You waiting to go on stage,or with the young girl,Lord ,all of Your photos, Good Taste, Sexy,Beautiful,Talented,Classy and Intelligent.  The Band was dressed to kill,I'm sure the performance was top notch.....Wish I could be there, however the photo sharing was great ,and I am greatfull  to You.  Rhonda Your Spiritual truth and Consistant representation of Your belief thru all the exposure is so commendable.  Blessings to You in all Your endeavors.   Sincerely,Michael"Arkansas"Sutter
Dave Coffman
Hi Rhonda:

      Thank you for sharing the pictures they are so beautiful and I like the one where you was waiting off stage. I like the group picture also. To the couple that got married best of luck to you both. Dave

Bob Sparrow
R honda,,

needless to say, I'm a fan.. I am a former Music Row Talent Agent, and former Acuff Rose, Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe.. Tex Ritter, Roy Orbison,(I was kid agengt with big Howdy Foirreser, and laterI was manager of . Mel McDaniel,, I am former producer of all the grandstand shows at the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa..If you haven't ever played it you should..I  had it from 69 to 81.... That's where I met Chuck Steerman..I let him use my sound equipment one night for his ...Fiddlers thing !!
Never was big on bluegrass during my Country years..  but then about 8 years ago, my 91/2 year old grandson and I were talking,, He had just seen 'Brother Where Art Thou"   I said" Kyle what do you want for Christmas"? and when he said BANJO I said " whatever for"?   " I just like to hear them go whang whang," he said..Not noing a thing about banjos.. I bought one on line for Christmas..Maybe 250 bucks or so..  Then it came, and I had to get a gig bag,, but then  LESSONS..  where do we take lessons in Nashville for Banjo..I had attended Steerman's SPBGMA thing at the Sheraton, so I took Kyle with me, and there a post... was a phone #numeber for banjo lessons.. It was Casey Henry, daughter of Murphy and the Murphy Method.. So the very next month Kyle was taking lessons... Each Week I would make the 80 mile round trip  taking my grandson from Nolensville, to Madison and  Casey...Soon he was getting pretty good.. and entered a few contests... coming in #1 in a talent show at school and then the festivals he would enter.. and then playing on Mondays at Gibson at Oprymilles... now 8 years later he just took a break from the weekly lessons... with Casey,  He now is in a band called YOUNGTOWN that is mentored by  Andrea Roberts,  Pokey and Cheryl Chun of the Opry, Danny Roberts and  Gail Johnson.. They put together 5 talented kids from Mid Tenn to form the band.. consisting of a 13 gal lead singer/fiddle, a 14year old mandolin guy,  a 15 year old bass, Kyle on
Banjo is 17, and Michael Stockton 19 is on Dobro... YOUNGTOWN,, they just cut their first CD... at Hilltop, With my old country associations I got Kyle with Mac Wiseman a few year back, who in turn got Kyle and I into a Scruggs honor night at the C hall of fame, Ford Theater...Earl of course has signed a couple of Banjo Heads... In the meantime I became a big Rhonda fan
as I got talked into getting  Sirrius and became a  listnener on Chris Jones, and Ned  ... I think the Monroe Tribute song, Is it Blue,, was when I started picking up on Rhonda,, than Borderline,  and  Missouri ,, and  all the rest.. Saw a show in person  as Kyle was at  Uncle Dave Macon days, jamming,etc.
and saw a Bluegrass at Ryman night a couple of times...Once when you introduced your gals............  Hey one question..does  Suzie and Toby shows still headquarter in Queen City?  I  remember them each year at the threshers show.. That is a one of a kind show that is probably close to 100 years old..I am originally from right north of Queen City up in God's Country Oskaloosa, Iowa.. been in Nashville since 69,,Now sell  Real Estate, and  sing barbershop...with the championship Music City Chorus..competing next month in Philly in the International comp....  Now not that I am some kind of stagedoor grandpa,,but rather a keen ex talent agent,   YOUNGTOWN would be a great show opener...for you catch them on YOUTUBE an amatuer
Fun at the Ky Opry ..that's Kyle with an impromtu comedy bit that went nowhere,  and I think also  Ernest T. Grass, with three members of Youngtown with a couple of pickup people Bass and guitar from the parking Lot, on a spur of the moment entry at Clarksville a couple of months ago.. They came in #3 and won a couple hundred bucks with a 15 min get together.  Banjo Mike is horrible...

Nuff said.. 
I am a Rhonda Fan!!  and  a bluegrass fan... Go Cherryhomes and Cadillac Sky. Kyle's Favs..
Magical bug screen.....almost enchanting!  Great photos......happy moments and everyone looks great....beautiful weather, beautiful people.  Thanks!

It was a great festival.  Even though we only were two days.

Joe Forrester
I had the pleasure of performing as Elvis with Rhonda & the Rage. They were all so nice and consumate professionals. Great people and Great performers.


Loved the photos and may have to steal, I mean "borrow," a few for my facebook album from the Gettysburg BG Fest.  I don't understand why they didn't have a big billboard outside Granite Hill like the one in Branson (haha) but at least you were listed among the headliners.  Can't wait to see you perform again sometime, somewhere.

Mike Kear, Sydney Aus
Rhonda, that was a classy thing to do.    Linda Lookadoo (the new Mrs Janey) has been a friend of mine for some years,  and I know what it would have meant to her to be married on that stage,  with you taking pictures as well.

I hope all those people in the wedding party down on the lawn chairs all remembered to bring a wedding present!

Mike Kear
Music from Foggy Hollow
WAMU's Bluegrasscountry.org 
Carrying the tradition forward.
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