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I'm going to need solid proof of this. Susan, I'll need a picture of you in the cockpit, with the pilots, at 35,000 ft. Then I'll need a bikini picture, aboard a cruise ship, next to the captain, with nothing but blue sea ahead in the foreground. NO photo shopping allowed!!! (Like a face of Susan on the body of someone else etc...or stick pictures like GLK) Remember, I know where all your tatoos are.

Mike G.

That's Funny right thar!  Maybe the next Contest could be to Guess Susan's Tatoo's!  Win an advance copy of the new CD.  Mike G.


Susan, I lost your flight information.  Please post it immediately, so that I can pick you up at the airport.  It's only about a mile from the San Diego airport to the cruise ships, but that will be the scariest part of the trip.  See you this afternoon!

Gary I just sent an email with all the needed information. See ya soon!
I'll be flying tomorrow too.  Could you pick me up in Oakland Gary?

Susan just headed out to sea as she attempts to become the youngest Rager to sail around the world.  I'm currently waiting for the Queen of Bluegrass at the Oakland airport.  We're going to go to Berkeley for some wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts at the Grateful Live Cafe.  Hunter is surfing and Mickey is having his shakras aligned.  Tomorrow we're all going to go hang out with the Hollywood liberal elites.  Don't anybody worry if the earth starts shakin' all over.  You get used to it.

Gary???   Where are you??? 

WOW CA is Great and I love the open sea!!!

Hunter surfing, and Mickey having his shakras realigned......yea right. I'd pay to see that.

Hollywood liberal elites????? Is there really such a thing? And who would hang around them if there was?

OBTW...good luck getting the Queen to eat the same thing cows eat. She's been raised right. She's a meat lover!!!!!
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