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Thanks for clearing up that Nixon controversy, Herby.  As usual, your information is unimpeachable.  I stopped following Missouri high school football after the Rams were eliminated.  That's the Schuyler County Rams, of course.

Mike B, the Swami is at the movies right now, so I will attempt to fill in for him.  I'm expecting Auburn to play a good game tomorrow.  The key to that game is going to be which team is able to score the most points.  If you want more in-depth analysis than that, you'll have to wait until Dear Herby finishes crying his eyes out over whatever chick flick he's watching right now.

Charles, I apologize for violating Universal Message Board Etiquette by hijacking your countdown post with "sports ramblings", but look WHO started it!
OK...I'm back from the "mushy, mushy" movie. The "Four Christmases" was the movie. RV loved it. I fell asleep. Remember, she now has to watch the MU/KU football game tommorrow, without complaining, and without interruption.

Mike B. Auburn/Alabama is always a war. This is one of the few rivalry games that's unpredictable. Most would view Alabama as a prohibitive favorite, but strange things could happen. Such as...I could see the War Eagle swoop down and steal the football when the Tide get close to the goal line. I could see Auburn gaining 400 yds of offense and score 40 points. I could see a 60 yd field goal to win the game.
I could also be delirious after watching the movie tonight.

Alabama 42 Auburn 10.


GLK, The Clark County Indians just happen to be in the same conference as the Schuyler Co. Rams. Of course, I know you already knew that.
Happy 670 month old birthday today!!!!
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    Please! Please! Tell me RV told you that 670 month thing....Mike G.
Herby, welcome back from your movie exile.  All of that baggage handling in the desert must have gone to your brain and affected your judgment.  There are some very meaningful games tomorrow, especially the ones involving the two Halloween OSUs.  Florida and Alabama also have big games.  My season is over, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and rooting against everybody else.  If I were you, I would plop down on that recliner and watch football all day!

Ok already ......here they are.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.
Oklahoma is on a mission. Okie St. is undefeated at home. I've missed on the last 6 BIG 12 games. I'm sure I will get this 1 wrong too. Oklahoma 52 State 21

Mizzou vs Kansas at Arrowhead.
Tiger fans hate KU and vice versa in all things. Football is no different. Mizzou has been choking down the stretch. KU has hoops on the brain. MU 48 KU 35

Oregon St. vs Oregon. I'm on the Beaver band wagon. Anybody other than USC to win the PAC 10.

Florida vs Florida St. Urban will run up the score here. He still thinks he needs to make a statement to get into the championship game. Little does he realize, if he beats 'Bama in the SEC Championship game, he'll make it anyway.
Florida 50 State 14

Georgia vs Georgia Tech....This will be a better game than most expect. Don't be surprised if Tech wins. Dawgs 28 Tech 24

Notre Dame at USC....Who cares!!! I'd love to see ND upset the Trojans, but it won't happen. USC wins big...really big...Trojans 199 ND zero

Looks like Cincinnatti will represent the Little East in a BCS game. A coin flip will determine the ACC representative. This is unfortunate for College Football. This means Ohio St. Texas Tech, Utah, and Boise St. which has a combined record of 45-3...2 of them won't be included in the BCS because of conference affiliations with bowls. 5 teams from the Big 12 are ranked in the top 12 of the country. 3 from the SEC. 67% of the top 12. The Little East or ACC shouldn't even be in the picture for the BCS. They're basketball schools.

Here's my weekly bowl predictions.

National Championship Game
Florida vs Oklahoma

Rose Bowl
Oregon St. vs Penn St

Fiesta Bowl
Texas vs Utah

Sugar Bowl
USC vs Alabama

Orange Bowl
Cincinnatti vs. ACC champ

Cotton Bowl
Texas Tech vs Georgia

Holiday Bowl
Missouri vs Boise St. or Pac 10 3rd place team

Insight.com Bowl
Ohio St vs Oklahoma St.
The Ol' Dawg

The Dawgs - Jawja Yeck (!!!) game could be VERY UGLY - The forecast is for torrential rains early in the mornin' and continuing throughout the game and all day long.

Now that's what makes this website so great.  The customer service around here is phenomenal.  If you ever look at Avril Lavigne's website, her husband absolutely refuses to post any football predictions.  I guess he thinks it's just too complicated.

Herby, I hate to quarrel with your expertise, but the Insight Bowl is Big Ten #6 vs. Big 12 #6.  The Capital One Bowl is Big Ten #2 vs. SEC #2.  Sounds like BUCKEYES vs. Dawgs to me, although that could all change with some surprises tomorrow.  The biggest upset of all will be if the great RHONDA VINCENT actually watches the Missouri-Kansas game without interrupting or complaining.  I can't wait to see the highlights of the Vincent-Sandker battle on SportsCenter. 
Tom Alman
Wait a minute. Back up the truck! I'm still thinkin' about the queen in a cheerleading outfit! You can see where my mind is LOL! By the way we need to welcome Catherine to the board. Welcome to the best message board with the best band and the best QUEEN in all the land!!!

You Know Who
The Dawg wrote:  The forecast is for torrential rains...  

You mean the game isn't cancelled??? 

They're gonna play in the RAIN????  
Yes I do "Know who" would ask a silly question like that. My question is...Since Rhonda is booked at Ga. Tech next year, will the Dawg come to the show  if Tech beats the Dawgs today???? I know I wouldn't go to Lawrence, Kansas on a dare.
OK Prez, what have you done to my puter. It's writing in a funny slanted way.
The Ol' Dawg
You mean the game isn't cancelled??? 

They're gonna play in the RAIN????  

Of course, they'll play in the RAIN - The rain, if the forecast is correct, will make the game a muddy, sloppy mess, and certainly reduce the quality of play by both sides.
The Ol' Dawg
Yes I do "Know who" would ask a silly question like that. My question is...Since Rhonda is booked at Ga. Tech next year, will the Dawg come to the show  if Tech beats the Dawgs today???? I know I wouldn't go to Lawrence, Kansas on a dare.

OF COURSE, the Ol' Dawg will be at Jawja Yeck (!!!) to see the Queen, regardless of today's outcome - NO FEAR, baby !!!
Thanks Tom for welcoming me to the board. Some of you guys get up real early for a weekend!....but then I think my husband was on the golf course at 6:00am...which by the way I'm sure is some incurable disease.  

I enjoyed reading the posts and looking at the older pictures of Rhonda Vincent at the Grand Ole Opery. Those were great. We're looking forward to taking a vacation on July 4 and coming to the Sally Mountain Festival. Are there motels in that area?
Hi Catherine! Welcome!

You're going to LOVE the Sally Mountain Festival!! There are quite a few motels about 15 miles from Queen City in Kirksville. There is a Super 8, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Knights Inn, Holiday Inn Express just to name a few.
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