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Ann A
Catherine you will really enjoy Sally Mountain.  We think that it is the best festival around.  No other place do you feel so WELCOME!  We drive from Ontario, Canada to Queen City.  We have a camper so we are able to stay at Sally Mountain.  Friends of ours travel almost the same distance and they stay in Kirksville which is not too far away.  There is a Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Days Inn and a Super 8 in Kirksville. I'm not sure but I think it is maybe about a 15-20 minute drive.
Don & I would love to meet you and your husband.  Just ask anybody at Sally Mountain where the "GETTO" is everybody knows that area.  We are the area to the left as you come thru the gates.  There are people from all over camped up there.  I'm not sure where the name came from, you will have to ask Jim & Jane Hughes about that one.
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Musher 99

Julia do you have fingers that are on fire?????? You are one fast lady.  (Leave it alone Herby!!!!!!)  When I said "It" i meant the comment.

You Know Who??


Of course, they'll play in the RAIN - The rain, if the forecast is correct, will make the game a muddy, sloppy mess

But they would get DIRTY, and get their pretty white uniforms discolored??? 


Those are the types of comments that greatly enhance Dear Herby's enjoyment of the game.  They're about to kickoff at Arrowhead, so everybody get in position.  We'll all be looking forward to live updates from Kirksville.


Thanks Julia & Ann for the updates on the motels. We went through Kirksville last year but I couldn't remember what was there. We look forward to meeting you at the festival!

The Ol' Dawg
But they would get DIRTY, and get their pretty white uniforms discolored??? 

YEP !!!   
Good Morning!


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