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Bowl time is near, and here are my picks for the games. Some you will like, some you won't, but the "Swami" has worked hard on all.

12-20 Eagle Bank Bowl...Navy vs Wake Forest...Wake 24-21
12-20 New Mexico Bowl...Fresno St. vs Colorado St...Fresno 28-27
12-20 St. Petersburg Bowl...Memphis vs S. Florida...S. Fla. 35-21
12-20 Las Vegas Bowl...BYU vs Arizona...*upset* BYU 35-32
12-21 R&L Carriers Bowl...Troy St. vs So. Miss...*upset* Troy 28-21
12-23 Poinsetta Bowl...Boise St. vs TCU...*upset* TCU 21-17
12-24 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl...Notre Dame vs Hawaii...Hawaii 27-24
12-26 Motor City Bowl...Fl. Atlantic vs Central Michigan...Cent. Mich 32-24
12-27 Meineke Bowl...WVU vs N. Carolina...WVU 28-27
12-27 Champs Sports Bowl...Wisconsin vs Florida St...FSU 28-21
12-27 Emerald Bowl...Miami vs California...*upset* Miami 21-17
12-28 Independence Bowl...No. Ill vs Louisiana Tech...No. Ill 17-14
12-29 Papajohns.com Bowl...NC St. vs Rutgers...Rutgers 24-12
12-29 Alamo Bowl...Mizzou vs Northwestern...Mizzou 40-28
12-30 Texas Bowl...W. Michigan vs Rice...Rice 47-44
12-30 Humanitarian Bowl...Maryland vs Nevada...Nevada 21-17
12-30 Holiday Bowl...Ok. St. vs Oregon...Ok. St. 48-30
12-31 Armed Forces Bowl...Air Force vs Houston...Houston 34-31
12-31 Sun Bowl...Oregon St. vs Pitt...Or. St 28-24
12-31 Music City Bowl...Vanderbilt vs Boston College...*upset* BC 21-17
12-31 Insight.com Bowl...Kansas vs Minnesota...KU 35-21
12-31 Chick-Fil-A...Geogia Tech vs LSU....Ga. Tech 30-24
1-1 Outback Bowl...Iowa vs S. Carolina...*upset* USC 24-20
1-1 Gator Bowl...Clemson vs Nebraska...*upset* Huskers 30-28
1-1 Capitol One Bowl...Michigan St vs Georgia...Dawgs 27-21
1-1 Orange Bowl...Va. Tech vs Cincinnatti...Bearcats 28-27
1-1 Rose Bowl...USC vs Penn St.*upset* Nittany Lions 17-14
1-2 Cotton Bowl...Ole Miss vs Texas Tech...Red Raiders 52-45
1-2 Liberty Bowl...E. Carolina vs Kentucky*upset* Wildcats 21-20
1-2 Sugar Bowl...Alabama vs Utah...Bama 28-24
1-3 International Bowl...Buffalo vs UConn...Huskies 24-21
1-5 Fiesta Bowl...THE Ohio St. vs Texas....Horns 38-21
1-6 GMAC Bowl...Ball St. vs Tulsa...The "Cardinals" 52-50

1-8 BCS National Championship Game....Florida vs Oklahoma...My brain says Florida, my heart says Oklahoma. The Sooners past history in BCS games has not been good. The Gators are ranked in the top 10 in all football statistical categories. So, it's obvious....Sooners 34-32

Enjoy the games y'all and remember to root for the "Swami." He needs all the wins he can get!!!!!
and remember to root for the "Swami.

Ok you asked for it!! GO Swami GO Swami!!!

Dear Swami, Can you answer this trick question?  Which two teams will be playing for the NCAA Division I National Championship? And who is your pick to win? 

"The Swami"
Mountaineer this is a tough question. The "Swami" has been thinking long and hard on this one. I had to look deep into my crystal ball.

I'm going with Montana and No. Iowa in the championship game. I like Montana to win it all.

Swami, I am impressed. You know your football.  That was a very good answer, however, the University of Richmond scored with 14 seconds left to give them the win over Northern Iowa.  So now the Richmond Spiders will play the Montana Grizzlies for the NCAA Division I National Championship.  I think the Griz will be favored, but I will be there in Chattanooga pulling for U of R, the team that beat my Mountaineers.  My Mountaineers also got pounded tonight in basketball by the East Tennessee State Bucaneers.  I think it's gonna be a long winter.  I can't wait until February 14,  2009. 

Gary K

Now there's a shock! The Swami projects the Big 12 to go 7-0.  At least you're consistent.  I'll try to root for you when I can, Swami, but you don't really need me as long as you have Julia. 

I would like to see the Big Ten get a few wins and regain some lost stature.  If Texas was playing anybody else, I wouldn't mind seeing them win big and go to #1 in the AP poll, just to mess with the BCS.  However, I am genetically programmed to always root for THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  

Tom Alman, don't tell our Georgia friends, but I'm throwing my support to your Spartans in the RHONDA VINCENT  Red Green Bowl.  I'm worried about what those Dawgs are going to do to your defense, though.  Anyway, let's see if Rockin' Robin is around today.....

Go Spartans!!!!!

Good to have you back GLK. We missed you and your infinite wisdom this weekend. I can imagine the HS games cut into your beach time. Sorry you had to work twice as much to make the same, but reality is amongst us. It will serve as a good warm up for 1-20-2009.

Of course the Big 12 will go 7-0 this bowl season, after all it's the best conference in the country this year.

There are several that are predicting the Big 10 to get shutout this bowl season. Of course I'm not one of those. I picked Penn St. over the home team favorite in the Rose Bowl.

I think THE Ohio St. will have a tough time defending the spread. That coupled with Texas wanting to make a statement to the BCS, you end up with a scenario much like last year when Mizzou got snubbed, then went out and stomped an SEC team (Arkansas) that had beaten eventual National Champion LSU. The final score was something like 48-7. It wasn't even a game after the coin toss was done. The same could happen to the Buckeyes this year.

Of course you do have the Prez on your side. She has vowed to root for the "Swami" in all the games. This probably means I'll go 0 for 34.
Tom Alman
That is my coincern also GLK! Our defense can leak like a sieve! I know that them Dawgs will give us what for! At least we didn't go 3 and 9 this year LOL! Go Green!!!

Swami, I fear that you're right about the Fiesta Bowl, but you just never know until they take the field.  That's probably why the great RHONDA VINCENT finds it so exciting.

It's pouring rain in San Diego right now, and I have the whole day off work, so I have nothing better to do than "stir the pot" (to borrow a Herbyism).  Get ready with that Delete button, Julia, because I'm about to hijack this thread.

I saw on MSNBC that the governor of New York may appoint a Kennedy to the Senate seat that will soon be vacated by Mike Garlock's favorite Senator.  So before the attack ads start coming out of Sodus Point, let me make it perfectly clear that no one on my staff has had any inappropriate conversations with Governor Paterson. 

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I would also like to clear up something about my past associations.  It is true that I have sometimes been known to pal around with conservatives.  I'm not proud of this behaviour, but it's awfully hard to avoid at a bluegrass festival.  I've always seen it as my patriotic duty to do whatever I can to talk some sense into them.

I also have a confession from my college days.  When I was a freshman at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, I had a roommate who was a conservative nutcase (pardon the redundancy).  We frequently stayed up all night arguing about politics.  He was a much better debater than I was, but I had one huge advantage.  He was wrong about practically everything.  So I grew up to become a beach bum and he is now a correspondent on something called fox news (this is actually true).  The first person to guess who it is will win a free McGovern-Shriver bumper sticker.

Still waiting for the governor to call........
See there, I knew you had some good in you. Being a pal of a conservative is a good thing, and a quality that Rhonda Vincent will see as positive.

The only person I could think of would be Major Garrett. Am I right? What do I win? I would prefer some nice San Diego weather instead of a liberal bumper sticker.

I was hoping Mizzou would take the Holiday Bowl instead of the Alamo. My understanding is they had the choice, and chose San Antonio of San Diego for recruiting purposes. If they had chose San Diego, I was coming out there to help you with the scoreboard.  This would serve 2 purposes. 1. So you wouldn't be overworked again, and 2. to insure a Missouri victory. After a Mizzou victory, we could go to the beach and celebrate with some seaweed drinks. But, it's not to be. San Antonio will be without me his year. I'll just have to watch it on TV and think of what could have been.

Keep thinking those conservative thoughts GLK. I'll see if I can reward you with some more west coast Rhonda Vincent shows.
Gary Tinkel
Major Garrett is incorrect.  Keep trying.

They really chose San Antonio over San Diego?  I might agree today. 
Herb, you can have San Diego weather right now.  It's pouring out there.  No bikini inspecting today.

Yea, but I bet it's warmer than 4 above!!!!!!!

How about Sean Hannity?
Oh Really?
Slightly warmer, but it's been down in the 50's today.

Hannity is much younger than me.  He was still at Rightwingnut Elementary School when I was out walking precincts for McGovern.  Herby, my basic immaturity has caused you to forget that I'll be 56 on

Mike B

CLARIFICATION - correspondent or anchor?

Mike B


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