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Congratulations to Mike B, the proud new owner of a McGovern-Shriver bumpersticker.  To claim your prize, please contact the fan club president of Sargent Shriver's Bleeding Hearts Club Band.

I don't know who started this game, but it was a very bad idea.  It was fun when I was taking cheap shots at Fox, but the last thing I want to do is give any free publicity to Kasich.  He's actually not a bad guy for someone who has spent his entire life being wrong.  One time, when he was in Congress, he even gave me a behind-the-scenes tour of the UNITED STATES Capitol Building.  I got to see where all of the crooks....uh, I mean, politicians hang out.  

I originally started to type Kasich's name in the universal michigan (3-9) font, but then I remembered that he's always been a loyal fan of THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.  That just shows that you can find some good in everyone.


Special thanks to the michigan (3-9) wolverines for providing that convenient segue from politics back to football.  That just shows that you can find some good in everyone.

Darn it....I thought about Kasich, but thought he was much older than you.

Maybe next time!!!
Mike Garlock
Good Evening GLK or Good Morning in the East,

    You are so right this time.  I'm very happy to see the Carpet Bagger leave NY!  She now can belong to everyone.  If you want to move here for 6 or 7 hours that should qualify you as a resident and we could get Obama to give Patterson a Call Girl or two to have you appointed Senator Kennedy!  Has a nice ring to it.  Maybe this one could be the one that has a good driving record.  There are Millions of Down Staters that you will feel right at home talking Politic's with.  Mike G.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Mike B
Mr. Kasich is one of my favorite political commentators.  It must have been torture for him to live with a tree-hugging liberal for a year.  For the record, I consider Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity to be moderates.  My views are far to the right of theirs.
Mike G - All of the Kennedy's aren't bad; the ones at Arlington haven't caused any problems lately!
Mike Garlock
Hi Mike B.,

    Not being the sharpest pencil in the Box it took a while to sink in.  You may be worst than me.  Maybe  it's in the name and the Dawg' is just playing it safe.  Mike G.
Hi Mike and Mike in the morning.

B. I agree with you. I find Fox to be fair and balanced, and not showing favortism to anybody. O'Reilly is a bulldog. He takes on everybody. Hannity is a great American, and how could you not like Britt Hume. No wonder they're the #1 cable station. My television gets 2 channels (as far as RV knows) Fox and ESPN.

G. Are you sure you really want another Kennedy in office? Even 1 from the west coast? There's enough history of bad behavior in that family (Kennedy's of the East) to write a book or 2. Let's keep the west coast guy in SD. He could do the job, but he prefers the beaches of SoCal. Besides, he'd starve to death in NY...no kelp there.

GLK...If you and Kasich were roomies, I'm going to stick to sports. You guys are too smart for me on this other stuff.
Tom Alman
hey! Lets keep it fair and balanced around here. Julia for Prez (of the Dear Herby fan club)!!!

Merry Christmas, Julia!!!!  Tell me again, how did I get in with this crowd?

Mike B, I'm taking away your prize after that Arlington comment.  I've decided to let Herby have the bumper sticker honoring AMERICA's greatest President, the legendary George McGovern.  Even though he never made it to the White House, I always heard that the first runner-up was supposed to take over whenever the winner was unable to complete his or her duties.  I guess that's technically not what the UNITED STATES Constitution says, but that's how it's done at the Miss Adair County Pageant.

Only five more weeks until we'll all be drinkin' that free Bubble-Up........if we make it through December!
Julia hates it when it snows in Missouri. Then Herby has nothing better to do than to stir up trouble on the MB.

I'm really thinking about entering the Miss Adair County Pageant next year. Since we're "Fair and Balanced" around here, I should have an equal chance of winning.

Since we elected someone with the name of Barrack Hussein Obama for President, then "Dear Herby" should win in a land slide for Miss Adair County.  I would also request the honorable Gary Lee Kennedy to be present for the crowning ceremony.
Tom Alman
Good luck on being Prez of the Dear Herby fan club, Prez. You are gonna need it LOL!!!

Thanks Tom, luckily a fan club with no members shouldn't be hard to run
Member #1:  Agent 86
Julia, I believe you already have my address when mailing the newsletter.
Tom Alman
I can't wait to see the T-shirts LOL!!!

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