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There's always one in every bunch....Hi Don

Tom, you'll love the shirts, they are going to be black and gold
Mike B
 "Dear Herby Fan Club" member #2!

Prez - you have my contact info as well.

In no time, I bet we'll have 1,000,000 "Dear Herby Fan Club" members.

In order for Herb to be able to afford what it would cost for me to work for him, yearly membership fees will be $10000. Make check payable to me!
Tom Alman
I'm stickin with Rhonda! Besides I wouldn't want to join a club that would have me as a member!

Ok...so snowing like crazy outside, and the wife wants to go to town. I said fine...on 1 condition....she has to hook up the dog sled.  She did, and she drug me away from the board today. I was not available to defend myself from the evil Prez. I appreciate agent 86 and Mike B coming to my rescue.

Prez, we are going to make the "Dear Herby" fan club free to all members. This will be another one of those free gratis jobs you have a knack for drawing.

I've already drawn up some of the By-laws for this club. Below is just a start.

All men will enjoy a 90 day vacation for the months of January, February, and March, at an undisclosed place, where the weather is in the 80's, sand and surf are not far away, the grass is always green at the golf course, and the only females will be the ones rubbing sun tan oil on us. Of course it's free to all members of the "Dear Herby" fan club. It will be the trial basis for their membership. If they don't like the vacation, then they don't have to join. Fine foods and spirits will be served by Lorrie Morgan look alikes 24/7. No cell phones, computers, or any other method of outside contact will be allowed. There will be a limo come by your house to pick you up and bring you to this destination. You will need, or want for nothing for 90 days.

More to come later....supper is ready

Herby, I don't see any reason why you can't win the Miss Adair County pageant.  From what I hear, the great RHONDA VINCENT would love to crown you!

OK....I'm back. Fried Chicken for supper tonight. Mighty fine indeed!!!!

Back to the by-laws of the "Dear Herby" fan club.

All men will have their own big screen TV, which will have all their favorite channels...such as Nascar, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf Channel, re-runs of Andy Griffith, Fishing & Hunting channel, etc....

Food will be prepared to your specs, with sweet tea, coffee, and milk. Happy hour will run all day, with only top shelf stuff served.

Each person will have their own KING sized bed, with in room hot tub included. 24 hour massage, and room service for those days you don't feel like getting out.

Daily activities will include fishing, golf, cards (pitch, spades, hearts), horseshoes, water volleyball, blackjack, texas hold 'em, 3 card poker, dune buggy's for 4 wheelin', any kind of hunting you want...any and all wildlife will be plentiful, batting cages, trap shooting, hammock riding , and anything else we can think of.

Scratching will be allowed anywhere anytime, without criticism. The same with snoring, and any other natural body functions. (and you know what I mean gents )

No work of anykind will be allowed by the male persuasion during the 90 day trial period. Any man caught breaking this rule will automatically be expelled from the club.

Letters from home will only be allowed in case of emergency. (maximum 1 per month) All outgoing mail is subject to screening for security purposes.

Since this is a work in progress, gentlemen feel free to jump in here and add anything you feel comfortable with, or would like to see added to the by-laws.
Guess Who????
Dear Herby,

Are we talkin'  Soup Bowls and Tooth Picks???       

So basically what you're saying Herby is that all members of your fan club will be able to live your normal life for 90 days????
Mike B

Hammer Down, Herb!!!  Real nice so far.  I'll be back soon...the little wife FINALLY has supper ready!

Tom Alman
I don't know if anyone has said it yet but I will. NICE DREAM!!!

"The Swami"
Gentlemen....Get those remotes ready. Bowl Season starts tommorrow. First game starts at 11am eastern.

The Swami is looking for 30 wins out of 34 games....90%. This is a lofty goal, but 1 that is achievable.

I've got the chili cooking and cold cuts ready. The wife is out of town, and not expected back till night fall. The recliner is broke in, and a blanket nearby.

Does it get any better than this!!!!!!
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

You Are The Man!

Swami, it's basketball season!  Your predictions are the only reason that those bowl games are even slightly interesting to me.  If you get the Big Ten Network, be sure to tune in at 11:00 AM Central Time to watch that undefeated OHIO STATE BUCKEYES basketball team.

Remember, Dr. Naismith is the reason for the season!
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