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Gary, Gary, Gary....I live in Big 12 country. We don't carry the Big 10 network here!!!! And Dr. Naismith was from "Rock Chock Jayhawk" country. Another good reason not to watch it. 

I will still put in a good word for you at the next "Hunkadoodle" meeting.

I was concerned I didn't see you last night on the webcast, then I realized what you were doing. I turned the TV on to watch the O'Reilly Factor, and saw your old roomie, John Kasich was filling in for Bill. I always thought you were a closet conservative, slipping off to watch the Fox News Network behind closed doors. John of course did a great job as usual.
Oh Swami.......what will the outcome of today's Snowboarding finals be??? Your sports loving wife will want to know!
The Ol' Dawg

Those "glorified exhibition games" known as bowls start today, and, if you have the NFL Network, the NFL plays two "for real" games that "count" today, too !!!

Prez, you're enjoying this snowboarding thing way too much.

Don't get the NFL network here Dawg.
You won't need the NFL network when Rhonda adds the Snowboard network
The Ol' Dawg

Well, Herb - The Baltimore "D" reigns supreme in the "Big D" tonight - Which helps the Falcons playoff hopes immensely, if they can go to Minnesota and "take care of business" today. The NFL Network is a painful thang to watch - They are guiding more games to it, with less than talented on-air personalities. Technically, the games are broadcast fine. The problem comes when you have to listen to bozos like Deion Sanders and his "jive" schtick the whole game. Throw in people who can't talk, like Warren Sapp, and, well, you get the picture. After Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN gets all the talent, it dudn't leave too much for the NFL Network. Maybe bag balm is the answer for Deion's commentary - If it's big enough to fill his mouth !!!

Is this bowl business over yet????

I found another reason to love Shaun White, ( the most decorated snowboarder in the world)......... he looks like CARROT TOP!!!  

Shaun White does have funny commercials!  However I am a BIG FAN of FOOTBALL Rhonda next saturday you can watch WVU in their bowl game! 

Mike B

Herb - if you sign up for DirecTV, you can have both the NFL Channel AND the Big 10 Network.  That would make it easier for you to keep up with THE Ohio State University!

Mike B, I knew we'd agree on something eventually.  We switched to DirecTV just for the Big Ten Network, but we also get more ESPN channels now, and it's cheaper than our local cable (although we had to pay extra for the special "Kasich-Block" feature).  Also, the Mountain West Conference has its own network called The Mountain.  If you get that, you can have the thrill of seeing me at SDSU basketball games.  I'm also hearing rumors that they're planning to add the Snowboarding Channel as soon as it's available in Hi-Def.

Herby, if you switch tomorrow, you can watch THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY attempt to extend its 13-game winning streak, currently the longest in the nation.  That's not quite as impressive as it sounds, because most basketball teams end the season with a loss in some silly tournament.  As the whole world knows, OSU won the NIT, which is almost as exciting as winning the Humanitarian Tree Huggers San Diego County Identity Theft Weedeaters Home Shopping Channel Ebay Joe the Plumber Bowl.

I never should have told you guys about my sordid past.  I just thought it would be best to get all of the skeletons out of the closet before I take over for Garlock's favorite Senator.  Sorry I missed the webcast.  I was in the middle of an intense wallball game with my five-year-old niece.  She's almost impossible to beat, especially on her home court.  I think my record is something pathetic like 3-9.
Mike B

GLK - you forgot to tell Herb about the Golf Channel and Sirius/XM Bluegrass Junction  as well as 100 or so channels of football, baseball, basketball(yuck!),hockey, lacrosse and several other sports - both college and pro - during the appropriate seasons of the year.  I'm pretty sure The Queen will make Herb order DirecTV after she hears about all those sports channels.  BTW, doesn't the Martha White Bluegrass Express have satellite TV?


Mike B. and GLK....SSSSSSHHHHHH...the wife doesn't know about Direct TV yet. She still thinks cable is a new thing. Before cable, we had rabbit ears.

Gary Kennedy
Dear Swami,

I see that you're off to a 2-3 start in your bowl predictions.  You'd better turn it up a notch or you might lose your Hunk-A-Doodle status.  I'll try to help you out with the Frogs tomorrow night. 

I did a little investigating and found this photo of the Bluegrass Cruise Specialist working hard to recruit talent for the RHONDA VINCENT Bluegrass Cruise:

Unfortunately, I also found some photos of the Wells Family playing at a rally for a certain politician whose name escapes me now.  If I remember my message board history correctly, that was the rally from which the legendary Fred Black called his lovely and talented wife Kim to tell her that he heard "I've Forgotten You" being played as a fitting tribute to the aforementioned politician.  (Okay, he didn't really say that part about the fitting tribute.  I just added that to stir the pot.)

I've never seen the Wells Family in person, but I watched them on youtube and they're very talented.  They need to do something about those incorrect political views, though.  Herby, if you set up the appointment, I'll be happy to help them out.  (Disclaimer: If anyone from the Wells Family is actually reading this, please be advised that we do a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor which frequently borders on foot-in-mouth.) 

Okay, Herby, the pot is stirred.  It's your move.  (Sorry, Julia, but it's raining in San Diego again today.)

Gary, I think their political views are just fine. They obviously have good taste in men, and Hunk-a-doodles. Just look at their eyes, and the glow they have. It's remarkable.
I do have 1 cabin left on the cruise if you would like to go.

You're right about the bowls. I'm struggling right now, and could use some help Tuesday night. I'm counting on you to manipulate the scoreboard, clock and down marker, in my favor.

You know the more I look at that picture, those girls really do have great eyes and smiles. They also have great personalities!!!!! A quality that I know you like the most!!!!
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