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Herby, I'll take your word for it about the personalities, but they're obviously very beautiful and talented.  Not to mention having great taste in Hunk-a -doodles.  They would make an excellent addition to a Dennis Kucinich rally.  I'll have to think about that Penthouse Suite after Barack gives me all of Garlock's money.

I'll try to help you out tomorrow, Swami, but I can't block and tackle for the Frogs.  I am happy to report that the committee has decided not to count your 1-2 record in the FCS playoffs (where the championship is decided on the field).  Those Spiders sure are sexy!

It's almost time to turn on the Big Ten Network to watch the 13th-ranked OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.  I know it's only non-conference and they're undoubtedly overrated, but it's still very exciting for me.  I had very low expectations for this team, especially since they're almost all freshmen and sophomores.  We'll see how good they are when they go to East Lansing, West Lafayette, and ann arbor.  In the meantime......GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
Mike B

I watched THE Ohio State University Alumnus John Kasich on the O'Reilly Factor last night.  John has been covering for the ultimate commentator, Bill O'Reilly.  John is one smart guy; can't believe he went to THE OSU.

Mike Garlock
Mike B,

    You have a way with words!  Someday he will make a great Governor for the Great State Of Ohio!  They don 't call it the Left Coast for nothin' ya know...Mike G.
Why OH why OH why did I ever mention that guy?  You guys should have paid the extra fee to get the special Kasich Block feature on your TV.  Best money I ever spent!  I'll give him credit for one thing.  The guy can talk.....and talk.....and talk.....

Now, getting back on topic....The BUCKEYES extended the nation's longest winning streak to 14 last night.  Next game is this Saturday against the West Virginia Mountaineers.  I think I'll leave the pre-game analysis to my distinguished long-winded colleague from Summersville.
The Ol' Dawg
Next game is this Saturday against the West Virginia Mountaineers.  I think I'll leave the pre-game analysis to my distinguished long-winded colleague from Summersville.

But, Gary - Will we have time to read it all before gametime ?    
"The Swami"
With the help of Gary Kennedy, the Horned Frogs from TCU pulled out a victory in San Diego to help out the old Swami. I've gotten off to a slow start, but hopefully things will pick up.

Many thanks GLK!!!!!!
That's a Dawg-gone good question, Mike.  When The Sass starts breakin' it down, few people can stay with her.  Maybe we can get a group rate on a course from Evelyn Woods.

Swami, I can help you out in one more game, but you're on your own for the rest of them.  If things don't start picking up, you can always fall back on the Football Bowl Association's propaganda slogan:  "Bowl Games, Where Everybody Wins".  Try telling that to the great RHONDA VINCENT!



Thank you for that thorough analysis, Sass.  I didn't realize that you were going to cover both basketball and football.  Both of those WVU teams will be playing on national television tomorrow, so I want to wish the Mountaineers the very best of luck......in the football game! 


Swami-I like your pick on the Kentucky game! Gooooooo Caaaattttsssss!!

Gary Kennedy

According to my unofficial calculations, the Swami now has a record of 5-7, which means that he is not even bowl eligible.  While some teams would give anything to have a 5-7 record (not thinking of anyone in particular), this is far below the high level of achievement that we've come to expect from the Swami.  In his defense, most of the first twelve games involved teams that he probably hasn't watched very much this year, if at all.

Like anyone in the public eye, the Swami is not without his critics.  Following his lackluster showing during the first week of bowl games, some have even suggested that he turn the football prognosticating over to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.  Nobody can deny that she has the knowledge and expertise to handle that task, but I think we should probably leave her in her current assignment.  Besides, that would just give the Swami more time for political commentary, which is the last thing that we need around here.

Despite claims of being fair and balanced, I think I may have detected a slight Big 12 bias in the Swami's reporting.  We're about to find out whether that was justified.  Cheer up, RHONDA , the bowl games will be over in ten days....... but the NFL playoffs are just about to begin.


Oh sure...kick the "Swami" while he's down!!!! Well, I got news for ya, it's not even halftime yet. When the Big 12 starts kickin' some Big10 buttox, things will change in a hurry. By the way, what's the Big 10 bowl record thus far?

You're right about those early bowls...I hadn't even heard of most of the teams playing, but having RV start picking games would be absurd. She's only interested in snowboarding.

Speaking of sub 500 records, isn't that about the Chargers record? It's nice to see them back into the playoffs in that mighty tough AFC West.

I figure to start my rally tonight when my Mizzou Tigers whip up on that Big 10 powerhouse of a team in Northwestern. It should be downhill from there.

I know it looks like I favor the Big 12 when picking games, but it's just good business sense...they are the best conference in college football!!!!!!!
I know it looks like I favor the Big 12 when picking games, but it's just good business sense...they are the best conference in college football!!!!!!!

Even as an SEC fan, I gotta give you that one, Herb. I shudder a bit when I think about Ole Miss v. Texas Tech. As good as the D-Line is for Ole Miss (especially Peria Jerry), I just don't feel like they can stay on the field with Tech past halftime (if for that long).

And speaking of teams from Texas, I feel sorry for whoever it is that plays Texas next month.

- Bama

Uh oh ... bad news for my Crimson Tide! This could very well be a game changer.


Breaking news from the Papa John Creach Bowl:  The Swami picks up a much-needed win to improve his record to 6-7.  Could this be the start of one of those patented Swami hot streaks which his fans have come to expect? 

It's now up to the Northwestern Mildcats to make sure that he doesn't gather any momentum.  Swami, I sent them a sample of your taunting for their locker room bulletin board.  I'm worried about them, though.  It's now only 30 minutes until game time and all of the Northwestern players are still in the library.

Trivia Quiz:  Papa John Creach was a member of which band and what instrument did he play?  The first person to answer correctly wins a free ticket to tonight's Alamo Bowl.
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