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Okay, Swami, Mizzou has exactly one hour to blow this game open.  After that, I have to go work a BASKETBALL game between SDSU and the University of Arkansas at Connie Leigh.  So I won't be available for in-game chat, but I'll probably record it and watch it later.

Go Northwestern!!!
Mike Garlock
Evenin' Herb,

    I'm havin' trouble keeping my TV on ESPN it keeps switchin' to DIY Network and I don't think it's my fault...Mike G.
Mizzou FG was so so so close but overtime time.
A hollow victory for the Tigers tonight. I feel Northwestern out played them on offense, defense, and out coached them. I don't know the final stats, but I'm sure my west coast colleague can tell me.

This game was Northwesterns to win. They could have scored on us at any time. I feel fortunate we won in overtime, even though we were outplayed miserably.

It's been a very disappointing season for us Tiger fans. Expectations were high with 23 returning starters returning from an 11-2 season prior. Chase Daniels had a very mediocre year, and the defense with 10 starters back played horribly. Changes in philosophy on defense, and offense have to be made for us to compete in the future.

We lose a lot to graduation, and next year looks to be sub .500.

Big 12 1-0...Big 10 0-2 this Bowl season. Should be a fun week ahead.
Mike Garlock
Dear Herb,

    You got to know we are just picking on you.  You should still be very happy with this Season and the Bowl Win.  My Team put themselves in the Toilet Bowl and they lost that!  Great Season Mizzou.  Mike G.
Gary Lee Kennedy

Papa John Creach was the fiddle player for Jefferson Airplane.  Samantha Lynn Daggett, I'm very disappointed that your didn't win the contest, because that's your era.  You could have won a free ticket to the very exciting Alamo Bowl.

The only reason why I ever joined myspace was because the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT had started blogging from the road.  So now I've got this diverse group of friends which includes everyone from Mike Garlock to Grace Slick.  Somebody at work told me that I was too old to have a myspace page, but I refuse to surrender to these nattering nabobs of negativism.  I like to think of myself as a modern day online Rosa Parks, battling bigotry and discrimination wherever it rears its ugly head.  I will never give in to the aggravating agents of ageism.  Another co-worker accused me of going to an Avril Lavigne concert to meet teenage girls, but I told him that if I wanted to meet teenage girls, I could just go to a RHONDA VINCENT concert.  That was the end of that conversation.  Not to be a name-dropper, but Av is also my friend on myspace.  Herby, you might remember recommending that she save her receipt and take her pants back to the store where she bought them because they were too big.  All of her friends stuck up their nose, they had a problem with her baggy clothes. 

I should really get out of sports and go into song-writing.

I ended up watching the entire Alamo Bowl, even though I'm philosophically opposed to the entire bowl concept.  It was a very entertaining game between two evenly-matched teams.  That's the beauty of these bowl games.  They can find the fourth or fifth best team in two different conferences and end up with a great game.  The Holiday Bowl does it every year.  Don't forget to tune in tonight.  My all-time favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, is in town and I'm pretty upset that she hasn't called me yet.   Jack Arute did a fine job last night, but I happen to think that Erin is better.  It's just a matter of personal preference and I don't have any problem with people who would rather see Jack.  It's not like I'm going to start a ballot initiative to make it illegal for people to watch Jack Arute.  Anyway, Mizzou chose San Antonio over San Diego, so I'm glad that it all worked out so well for them.

I know that we have a lot of BASKETBALL fans who read this message board, so I wanted to mention that SDSU defeated the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Golden Lions 93-61 last night.  The Lions have played 11 games this season and none of them have been at home.  I'm not sure if their gym is being redecorated or if they're trying to become the basketball version of the Ruppert Mundys. 

Swami, congratulations on your big day yesterday.  I suspect that it was Instant Karma for you being so nice to Julia.  That reminds me, I've got this great song idea......


I forgot to mention that the Swami is now 7-7 with three more big games tonight.  See Page 1 of this thread for your official guide to the bowl non-championship series.

Swami Watch
Two nights ago, the legendary Erin Andrews did a report on ESPN predicting that the Holiday Bowl would be a high-scoring game.  She then went on to question whether the scoreboard at Qualcomm Stadium would be able to handle all of the points.  Although I've always been a big fan of Erin's work, I took this as a personal attack.  So prior to last night's game, I went down on the field and attempted to alleviate her fears.  She had just finished interviewing a coach and was walking off the field when I decided to approach her.  It reminded me of the first time that I ever talked to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT, except that Erin was walking rather quickly.  She runs a constant motion offense, probably because she has to worry about stalkers.  Of course, nobody in their right mind would ever mistake me for a stalker.  Having scouted her numerous times, I decided to overplay Erin to her right, but she faked a backdoor cut behind the Ducks' bench and then headed for the ESPN tent.  I managed to keep my balance, fight through a pick by a Security Guard, and beat her to the spot.  It was the first time that I'd ever talked to her, but I did my best to reassure her that there would be no problems on the scoreboard.  She was perfectly nice about it, and seemed rather amused by this information, but I didn't get the impression that she wanted to spend a great deal of time with me right then.  On the other hand, the great RHONDA VINCENT will stand there and talk to you all day.  She tends to post up near the Martha White Boutique, where she frequently gets double or triple-teamed.  She's like a sitting Duck out there.

We're halfway through the bowl games and the Swami currently holds a record of 8-9.  Keep in mind that these games are designed to be even match-ups, so it's not as easy as predicting the regular season.  Five games today and five more tomorrow.
"The Swami"
Good story GLK....I was wondering if the scoreboard would hold up myself last night. I thought you did an incredible job under tough circumstances. It could have been better if OKie St. would have won.

It was another tough day for the Swami. Didn't get to watch any games today. I had to get RVR ready for this weekends shows. Choreographer, conductor, sound man, and yes, had to be a "gopher" too. This Nashville traffic is horrible. Can't wait to get back to Missouri tommorrow.

Dinner is ready, and the shoes are coming off so I can watch some games tonight, and catch scores on ESPN.

The Swami's record is not good so far, and I think the Prez lurking around has something to with it. She did threaten to root for the Swami earlier in this thread. That explains about everything.

The Ol' Dawg

I know whatcha mean, Gary - Erin is the ONLY person that I've ever forgiven for bein' a Florida Gator !!!  

Mike Garlock
Hey Dawg,

    Can't believe you haven't commented on the Georgia Yeck Game last night?  That was the only one I watched and I liked the outcome.  Swami missed another.  Mike G.
The Ol' Dawg
Hey, Mike - In the "Erin Andrews" vein, here's a Jawja YECK (!!!) joke:

Q:  What do you call a purty girl at Jawja YECK (!!!) ?

A:  A VISITOR !!!  

I'm with you, Dawg.  Erin is my all-time favorite Gator.  In fact, she's my only favorite Gator.

A quick check of the scorecard shows the Swami with a 13-14 record.  Swami, I know that you were hoping for a better post-season, but these are really tough games to predict.  Many of them could have turned on one or two plays.  By the way, I hope you noticed that the Big Ten is currently ranked as the strongest conference in the country........in basketball!!! 

I'm so amused by all of these "experts" with their plans to tweak the C.  One guy even suggested a championshp game after the bowl games "if necessary".  Just brilliant!

When THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY won the college basketball national championship in 1960, I remember asking why there wasn't a similar tournament in football.  Nobody could give me an answer.  Still waiting.

It's a big day for the SEC today.  Julia, don't forget to support the Swami!

Tom Alman
Wow! Is this ever getting ugly. This will teach ya to leave us in the lurch Nick!!!

OK....I'm back from Nashvegas, and ready to resume resposibility for the Bowl debacle. I can't believe Ole Miss beat Tech. How about those Wildcats of Kentucky? Iowa smothered S. Carolina...go figure that one. What happened to Georgia Tech????? It was virtually a home game for them, and LSU has looked awful all year. I give up.....The Swami will go into retirement after this Bowl season. I've lost my touch. Besides, Not even the Swami can compete with the hex the Prez can put on ya. Ain't that right Susan?

GLK....What's the record of the Big 10 again this bowl season????

The lowly Pac 10 is 5-0...Nobody could've predicted that. The Big 12 is a mediocre 3-2 with 2 to go. Even Utah is thumping Bama as we speak. Is there no reality for these teams? I guess not.
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