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Charles Flanary
Good morning everybody,I am alright but i was sick last night and slept late this morning.The storm hit north of us in the area where our daughter lives but they are alright.Thanks for thinking about me,you are a great bunch of friends.
  Charles[Head of Rageland Security]
Glad to hear you are feeling better Charles and that your family is alright after the storms went through.
Tom Alman
Hey Charles! Don't you go scarin us like that Buddy LOL! Hope you are feelin better!!!

Good Morning Charles....glad you and your family are alright....feel better My Friend.
We have thunder storms moving in as we speak...thunder,high winds and dark as night.
William ! I pray you are alright in Tyler...I heard them mention your town while they were showing the damage  of the tornado that touched down  in Canton TX.
Donna M.
     So glad to hear you came thru the storms alright.

     Have a great day.
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