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Richard and I are heading to South Pittsburg, TN to see Rhonda & The Rage at the National Cornbread Festival on Sunday!  How many Ragers will we see there?
Charles Flanary

Julia,we are not coming this year but we will be heading to Ralph Stanleys' featival next month and i hope to see you there.



Good luck to Rhonda if she's going to be in the celebrity cookoff

Sorry to hear that Charles!  I also enjoy visiting with you and Mary Ruth at the Cornbread Festival. 

We haven't decided yet whether we're going to Ralph's festival or the one the next two days in AL. 
Mike B
My bride and I will be there Sunday.  See y'all there!
Hal/Marie Boozer

We will be at the Cornbread Festival tomorrow.     Also we plan on being at the festival in Alabama.    


We are looking forward to seeing Rhonda and the Rage.





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