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I'm looking forward to a fun, but unusual week ahead.

I'll be joining 45 RPM on
2/23 Wednesday night in Nashville, TN at Douglas Corner to sing some country music!  The band consists of some of my favorite musicians, so this is going to be a very special treat.

2/24 Thursday is the debut of my first 650 AM WSM Radio Show. I am thrilled to join a station I have listened to all my life, and the first show is a dream come true, when I am joined by Earl Scruggs.  I will play songs I heard growing up listening to the Nashville station. Tune in on the radio or online at http://www.wsmonline.com 

The rest of the weekend will be devoted to finalizing the details to begin recording a new project with Gene Watson. Details coming soon!

May you enjoy a wonderful week.  RvRage will perform next on March 5th in Fulton, Mississippi!  Come join us.

Artie Barber

Enjoyed your show at Kinston, NC this past Saturday! I hate to admit it but this is the first time I had ever heard of you and The Rage but you can bet your, "grass" my ears are wide open now and you and your band have a new fan! I've got a title for a new song for you, "Time heals what reason can't!" I'll leave the words and music up to you! ! Thank you for all that you do to keep the sounds of bluegrass alive and well! 

Tammy the Teacher
You certainly have the voice, poise and personality for this venue. I am sure it will be wonderful. I hope to listen just after I load my little kiddies on the bus!
Jimmy G

Congrats on your radio show Thursday you will do great and will have more listeners than you have on Facebook.

We're planning on seeing you on Wednesday!
The Adams Family
 CONGRATULATIONS Rhonda on the new radio show!!!!!
WOW.....your very first guest....the LEGENDARY BANJO MAN HIMSELF......
We will be listening on Thursday!


Dear Herby

She left out the best part of all.....She'll get to see me, and the "Knuckleheads" on Wednesday too!!! What a lucky girl!!!!


  Herb,it will be nice to see you.Linda and i are coming to Nashville on Wed.

Jimmy G

Herb thats the way women are always leaving the best part out seeing you and the others is the best part!


It just so happens that I'm going to be in Nashville on Wednesday!! Does anyone know if under-age people can get in?? I would love to see Rhonda and all the rest of you who are going!

Dear Herby

I should be there around 9pm. If you have trouble getting in, have them come get Herb Sandker...Upper Management Talent CEO...Executive Producer...Upper Management Music CEO...and all around Mr. Nice Guy!!!

Not to mention world renowned author, of the best seller book "Herb's School on how to be a good wife"

IF that doesn't impress the heck out of the doorman, nothing will!!!
Mike G.

Brenda says that's quite the Title's and she is impressed!  She said "That's Funny right thar"!

Linda R.
Hi Michelle, sure hope you can get in, never been there myself, i hope I can get in! if, I have to show my ID I will literally die!!!!   lol, love ya can't wait to see you  Linda
Mary G

Herby Herby Herby!!!

Dear Herby

Never fear Mary G, and Linda R. I'll make sure girls can get in too. Whether you are of age or not...

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