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Great, so if I have trouble getting into the show tonight, I'll just ask for Herby!!  You'll make sure I get into the show right Herb??
Thanks, Herb! It's great to have connections in high places! lol!

Mom called last night, and I can get in as long as I stay with her.

What time are all of you getting there? I would love to be able to sit with you!
Dear Herby

Prez...you better make sure you have your ID with you. I recall someone offering help for me getting back into the states a few weeks ago. In reality, you were just gonna leave me with customs and immigration. So, I don't think I would count on me vouching for your age to get into an establishment. Bring your coat. I hear it might be cold outside tonight....

Bill L.
Congrats on your radio show, we will try and listen in.
Your Bluegrass music is an inspiration to us.
All The Best
Bill & Brenda
Featherfoot Music
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