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I am so excited! I have birthed a new RV&R fan! Not literally.
A church friend and fellow choir member knows how much I love bluegrass music. I am always driving her crazy talking about it and how our choir needs a banjo!
I started telling her about Rhonda and let her borrow a few of my Rhonda cds last week. She has been listening to them and now loves Rhonda's music!
She loves southern gospel but wasn't really familiar with bluegrass. What a great way to be introduced to bluegrass! Rhonda Vincent and the Rage style!!
That's AWESOME Mindy!!!! Great job of adding to the Rager family!!! You need to get her to come and join the message board!!

Thanks Mindy!!!

It's always great to meet new Ragers. Be sure to introduce her if she makes it to a show!!  


Sure will Rhonda! She said she was going to check out this website. I told her how interactive you and Herb are with this board and your fans. She thought that was great! You and she have something in common. She is in a quartet at our church, the only woman and 3 men! Guess you know how she feels!

I do know how she feels.

It's a tough job....but we're willing to make the sacrifice, so someone is working with all these incredibly talented, musical men.  


Rhonda is the best!! I've always been proud to be a member of her fan family.

They've been very helpful and supportive to me over the years. They're always here when someone is down and needs a cheering up, or a prayer.

You couldn't ask for a better group of friends.

Enjoy your Raging!

Mike B

Hi Mindy!


Hi there Mike!

Bill Hinson
Mindy Rhonda, The Rage and Herb and all the RAGERS are great people that become great friends very quickly. You will enjoy being a part of that.
Any Ragers going to be at the show in Oxford or Trinity, Alabama?
I can't wait for Oxford...2 weeks from tonight!

Hey there! 

I'm new to the board--but not new to RV!  I let two of my friends listen to the new cd--(they had never heard her and the Rage) and they are new fans!  They couldn't stop listening all week!  Of course, we are all violinist/fiddlers, so the first thing they said was "who's the fiddler!?", but 2 seconds after they were in awe of her voice/lyrics/energy of the music.

Fiddle On!

Come on in anytime, we're all friends here!

Thanks for the welcome Dean!

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