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THE loving wife

Our arrival at the   Rancho de los Caballeros - Wickenburg, Arizona


Hey Rhonda....where did you find that guy that looks JUST like Herb to carry all of that luggage? And if it is really Herberto.....I think he has proven that his "How to be a Wife" books don't work at all or you would be hauling them all in!!! Luckily this will save many husbands lots of money and grief by not buying the books!
Agent 86

I'm surprised you're not in the movies, on the big screen. 

I had no idea that you were such a great actor.

You're more convincing than most high paid actors.  You have the look ............ the facial expressions ................... and the body language.

I think it might be time for a career change ................... "Arizona King" starring Dear Herby ...... I can see it now.  The Academy Awards better look out.  Looking forward to "Arizona King" the movie, coming soon to a theater near you!

"THE loving wife" also did some great photography work!


The Ol' Dawg


Ol' Herb looks like he's really got YOU trained -

Huh, Queen ?    

Make him walk the line Rhonda!!!!!!
Sherry F

I don't know but it looks like Herb may have had to much golf. He just looks plum wore out.

Tom Alman
So much for that macho Herby we thought we had here LOL!  Makin' Rhonda ride a horse to Canada HA! HA! I wonder if there will be a chapter in the book about carrying luggage!!!


Tom, and the rest of you Herby bashers.....wait till you see Rhonda try to saddle a horse, then get on, then make him go. I've also got pics of her helping in the kitchen here at the Ranch.
That Rhonda, she's a real cowgirl at heart. I got her up at 6 this morning to milk the goat. She likes fesh milk in the morning.  We're also going on a rattlesnake round-up today. Can't wait for that.
Now, if I can only figure out how to post the pics on here!!!
Herby Basher Prez
Somehow I doubt we have to worry about you posting photos here.....it's not been that long ago since you graduated from "Turning the computer on - 101"
Tom Alman
What if the horse is a her? Just maybe she will let Rhonda ride safe and sound LOL!!!

Annie Koenig
Pricless pics of Herb! I'll make sure my husband sees these to show him "How to be a good husband". Here's a thought! Maybe Rhonda, you should write a book! You've done really well on training Herb.
Annie Koenig

By the way, I also noticed the biggest piece of luggage there was his golf clubs!

Musher 99
What we all have failed to notice is What a Fine Gentleman Herb is!!!!!
His parents must have taught him well ........... OR  was it Miss Rhonda Vincent that knocked the poor guys socks off.  After all these years he realizes what a lucky man he is to have such a fine wife , who ALLOWS him to run around all those golf courses chasing that little white/green/yellow/blue or pink ball and hitting the poor little thing!!! .

 13, I was wondering if I would be able to send 86 down south to have a few "How Lucky I am to be Married to Such a Fine Woman" lessons from the Queen herself.
Honey Dew

Nice spot!

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