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Well it's been a really fun week.  I've cleaned the garage, the house, and  the studio.

Herb's played 36 holes of golf, and took 2nd place in the Boy Scouts Golf Tournament. 

He's now on his way back to Missouri. 

My family seems to have taken over Rageland; so I'm here to reclaim it.

We depart tonight for Fairfax, VA.  I'm in the studio today with Dylan Seals.
He is putting the finishing touches on the Darrell Webb project. 
The recording and mix is official completed. 

I took my niece Victoria and nephews Zachary & Chandler to our merchandiser.  They selected 3 new hats that we will have soon.

I sure hope you like their choices.  One is a flex fit camo hat.  One is a pink camo army style hat, and the other is a creme colored golf hat. 

We also spent a morning at Chucky Cheez to celebrate Chandler's birthday on Saturday. 

Hope you have a great weekend!!!  It's time to pack and make our way to the Martha White Bluegrass Express!!!

Rhonda....I think it's now "Thing-Land" This will teach you to not visit the board more often

Nice to see that Herby helped with the cleaning this week Wow, 2nd place in a golf tournament against Boy Scouts, were they grade school or high school?

We'll see the Bluegrass Express in Flatwoods, WV on Saturday!!!

maybe you can have a boxing ring installed before he gets home, lol

The Ol' Dawg

Did he "whup" anybody this week ?    

I think everyone was afraid of him on the golf course; after hearing about his brawl during his journey to Nashville.  

Boxer are sexy tho.  I used to date a boxer in high school.

Maybe we will have to get a ring installed.  
The Ol' Dawg

Somehow, I get the feelin' that Herby couldn't whup the Queen, and that you're danged sho' NOT a "skeered" of him, either !!!    

Golfers Update
Julia....     Did you see the press coverage of that Boy Scout tournament????   Says the 1st place finisher was a 12 year old working on his Sportsmanship merit badge at the same time.....  LOL    I think he was heard to say that the competition wasn't really all that tough this year. 
Oh sure...kick around the ole Herb while he's driving 8 hrs. All of you should be ashamed of yourself.
Enough with the boxer, brawler, stud, macho man crap. I'm a lover, not a fighter...unless provoked.   

"Julia....     Did you see the press coverage of that Boy Scout tournament????   Says the 1st place finisher was a 12 year old working on his Sportsmanship merit badge at the same time.....  LOL"   

Hahaha...your too funny. I made a mile of putts in 95 degree heat. There were no boyscouts out there. The only young ppl there were the half dressed beverage girls....(oops, did I say that???)

Hey guys, you heard what she was doing while I was playing golf didn't you? She's read the book....Gave her a refresher course on Monday of "Herb's school on how to be a good wife." She remembers!!!!!

Enough said.

I remember that boxer and I'm not sure he couldn't smack Herb around even though he's a foot shorter than Herb. 

Hey, I've been off the board for quite awhile and I could have used Dear Herbie in my life the last few months--where have you been?  Give me a jingle on my e-mail. 

Dear Herby--can your wife write a song about my life.....


Barb..long time no see, or hear....Feel free to go to "Dear Herby" and he'll answer any questions you may have. He's very knowledgeable, humble, sensitive, humble, handsome, humble....well, you get the picture.

Dear Herby,
   I have a new name which is really an old name for you.... "Herby, The Lovebug" Now, wouldn't that just be a wonderful name for you Herb since your a lover not a fighter???

Rose, you hit it on the head. That's me in a nutshell. Just an old softie.


The way I understand it, the boxing career was shortlived.  Does that mean that the "boxer" was "brief"?

Tom Alman
Now look what happened! We went way off subject! Where is the MB cops when you need them LOL! The only ring we have in our house is in the bathtub HEE! HEE!

Mr. Zoom
Speaking of fighters, hey Rhonda, you might want to send a thank you note to the Detroit Red Wings (hockey team) for finishing off the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the Final on Wed. night, so that I could come to your concert tomorrow.

If a Game 7 had been necessary it was scheduled for tomorrow night at 8 pm.

As it is, the Wings had their Stanley Cup victory parade in downtown Detroit today.

Edward from WV (a Detroit native and Red Wings fan in Penguins territory)

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