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On Wednesday evening, my dear sweet husband invited me for an evening stroll by the lake.

Here's photos of that romantic occasion.....

What a Guy!!!

Rhonda! looks like Herb is just a hopeless romantic.

Or just hopeless
Tom Alman
What a catch!


you look so thrilled with the catch

Herb, why would Rhonda want to pose with your fish???
Charlie K

How sweet. That Herb... he is my idol.

LOL  Bluegrass Don...you're exactly right. She wouldn't even touch the fish. She pulled her shirt sleeve down to cover her hand, before she would hold the fish up for a picture. LOL
I gave her a pole. I tied on one of my best spinner baits for her. Then I let her have the best spots. The final tally....Herb 8...Rhonda 0
But, she did try her best, and didn't get hung up much.
Don A
Now, them there pictures reminds me of my honeymoon  many years ago ......... a 2 room cabin with no electricity or running water, a really nice 2 holer outhouse on a 75 degree angle, in the cow field, and a 12 foot aluminum boat with a 6 hp Viking, on the Salmon River.  Great fishing all week long, and bathing in the river.  It just doesn't get any better than that.  It was a honeymoon she'll never forget.  BELIEVE ME!  Now that she's much older and wiser, if she had to, would she do it all over again?  Oh, I'm sure she would.  In fact she was having so much fun, that after a few days, she called and invited her parents, my parents and my grandparents  ............ and you guessed it ........... they all showed up and stayed for 3 days.  Yah Hoo!  I guess there's nothing like a family honeymoon. 
Rhonda, you're so lucky to have such a romantic  guy like Herb.
I guess us guys just know how to charm  the women in our life.
Always good to have the folks around on the honeymoon. Hope the fishin' was good. LOL
I bet the little woman enjoyed those fresh water baths too. And the out house...Don, you are too good to that wife of yours. ahhhh the memories.

I think mine and Rhonda's 1st date was in a van that I had just purchased for $200 that had the back window shot out of it. It was a nice cool evening in January if memory serves me. Oh, I nearly forgot, the passenger side bucket seat wasn't fastened to the floor either. It certainly was an adventure at the stop lights.
I'm really beginning to feel sorry for Rhonda and Ann!!
The Ol' Dawg

Surely, there's more romantic pics from later on in the evening that Y'all can post. I envision the happy couple enshrouded in darkness, save for the warm glow of the campfire. Herb, laying on his back in the soft, green grass, hands folded behind his head as a pillow, gazing upward at the stars, with a smile of contentment on his face. Close by his side, his adoring wife Rhonda, with a filet knife in her hand and a cleanin' those eight fish !!!  

Tom Alman
Cuttin off those heads is the fun part, Hey Rhonda???


Rhonda, it looks like that fish your hand

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