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*ate your hand

Mr. Zoom
I agree with Debbie, that last photo looks like a "No, it is I who will eat YOU!" moment. 


Silly me -  I thought Herb had taken you golfing!

Don A
Oh, I nearly forgot, the passenger side bucket seat wasn't fastened to the floor either. It certainly was an adventure at the stop lights.

Rhonda, I bet you thought that was the most romantic van  a boyfriend could ever have ................ all Herb had to do was make a sharp right turn , and you'd slide across the floor in the passenger seat, and be practically sitting right beside him .  How sweet.  Isn't he thoughtful?  He's always thinking of you!

Mike B

Herb - If the Queen wants a romantic evening by the lake, take her frog-gigging!!!  Now that is romance at its best.  Also, there will probably be more snakes by the lake at night than in the daytime.  Perfect for snuggling!

Mike Garlock

Hey Herb,

     Rhonda already knows if you want a romantic evening by the lake you have to go to LAKE ONTARIO!  You've got 100's of miles of lake shore to explore in two different Countries... Mike G.

P.S. Herb---Any idea how many different Golf Courses there are all the way around?

Frog giggin'....Now that would be about as much fun as hand fishin' for catfish. Wade out in the river. Run your arm into a hole under the water along the bank. Feel that big ole catfish in there. Massage his mouth a little. When he opens, run your arm in there slowly. Grab him by the gills, and pull him out of there. Put him in the gunny sack attached to your belt, and go to the next hole. Caution....if you run your hand in there, and feel hair, pull out.....muskrat or beaver hole. Tough on fingers.
Yep, I think thats what we will do next week. Makes for a great fish fry. Not mention the stories you could tell.
Never forget the time I got a hold of a snappin' turtle. Big rascal. His paws were as big as my hand. I let him go. Mom wouldn't dress him for soup.
You'd be amazed what you can find in a river. Always an adventure.
The Ol' Dawg

Hey, Herb - That hand fishin' for catfish is called noodlin' down here in Jawja. Believe it or not, there's been debates the last few years in our state legislature on whether or not it should be legal. I figure, if somebody's crazy enough to stick their hand in a hole like that, they're entitled to whatever they find and whatever happens.  Mike B is right, too - Ain't been frog giggin' in many years. Another funny thang 'bout that - Down here, everybody used to use burlap bags to put the frogs in. For that reason, burlap bags were always called "croaker sacks" down here.


Don, you didn't make Ann clean the bathroom, did you?


Make sure you mention to Rhonda about next weeks "romantic interlude" She'll be so happy to hear about "noodlin" or hand fishin' It'll be her first experience at it. Tell her since it's her first time, I'll just have her ease out into the water about belly buttom deep, feeling the the mud squishing between her toes, with 2 gunny sacks on her belt. She can hold, and later clean the fish. I might let her try a couple of holes, just to get some experience. Don't want her to mess any of them up.
Can't wait to see the pictures from that day.

I would be just like Rhonda in fact I don't even know it I would have held the fish at all.

Mike B

One more thing about frog giggin' Herb - if you take the Queen at night, take her in a small boat.  Down here the water moccasins like to hang in the trees over the water and drop in the boat with you when you pass underneath.  I promise it will be an adventure that the Queen will never forget!!!

You got that right Mike B. She would never forget it, and would never let me forget it either.
It would make for some great pictures though.
The Queen of bluegrass walking on water.
Don A
Don, you didn't make Ann clean the bathroom, did you?

Harry, sorry I've been away all day, but to answer your question,  I didn't make Ann clean the bathroom/outhouse.  She did it all on her own ........ before she'd even use it.  You probably didn't know this but she's a Queen too ......... I call her the "JAVEX or the CLOROX Queen."  I just don't know what's wrong with a few hundred flies
Like they say:  "Time flies when your having fun."
Or as one frog said to the other while sitting on a lily pad:  "Times fun when your having flies."
Ok, I'm getting a little silly  now, I've been up for over 20 hours, I think it's time for bed.

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