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C C Times

http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080512/NEWS/805120306/-1/COMM05Cape Cod Times/Steve Heaslip


P.S. Nice computer
Tom Alman
Way to go Ben! Great job!!!

Hey Way to go Ben!!!!  You make us all proud to know you!  Can't wait to see you and the family at Sally Mountain.  I'm pretty sure you are going to be FAMOUS!

Rockin' Robin
I agree!!  I'm pretty sure you're going to be famous also!!  Congrats, Bennie!!

way to go Ben

Kim from MO

Way to go Ben!!  Congratulations!!

The Ol' Dawg

That ol' boy has done turned into a "mover" and a "shaker" !!!

Charlie K

Ben, congratulations!! You are a WONDERFUL young man!


Great job Ben....Good luck in KC next month!!!!

YAY BEN!! You are definitely the coolest and smartest person in Cape Cod... no doubt about that.
Ben, I just want you to know I had nothing to do w/this post, I was just as shocked as you will be when you see this, who even knew there was a Cape Cod Times besides us? I know you asked me to not be boastful,and you felt this accomplishment didnt relate to the RV MB,so I was not allowed to share our pride w/our Rager friends this past 2 weeks....unless they asked (GLK,CP and MC for example). Since we are going to be in Kansas City the week before our annual SM trip,both in Missouri,where we know one of your MOST SPECIAL influences/mentors is from(RV),it does sort of all tie in. I sure hope I dont have to turn to 'Dear Herby' for counseling, I really didnt know anything about posting this thread....this is your time,Ben,enjoy all the good wishes from your 'extended family' .
G Lee K
I'm innocent, Jane.

Congratulations, Ben Jammin'!  This is all very exciting, but when will you have that new Lower Management logo on my desk?
Ben Hughes
And I always thought I could hide on the internet. Guess not!
Thanks for all of the well wishes and everyone's congrats. It's doubly great because I should be getting a scholarship from them as well, which is WICKED cool!
Thanks again everybody - what a surprise!!
-Ben Hughes
p.s. what is this that I hear about two versions of Rhonda's video? I've been off the MB for a little too long, apparently!

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