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don nz
Thought i`d share this folks ,Iv`e got a big day,Thurs. 13th ,  been married to my sweet wife Ann, for 43 years.... Any suggestions on a Rhonda song to play to her for the occasion ???....lol  After reading some of  Agent 86 , Don A and Dear Herby`s posts , I  was thinking maybe.......

"You Don`t Know How Lucky You Are " 

or could that be

" Driving Nails in My Coffin "

any suggestions will help ??
don nz

Happy Anniversary Don and Ann Z!!!!

Don, it would be a good idea to read all of Herby and Don A's suggestions, then IGNORE them

I may be partial, but I kinda like "I Give All My Love To You"

Happy Anniversary Don and Ann Z

Tom Alman
Have a great day Don and Ann!!!

Mike B

Congratulations Don & Ann!  Don A & Herby are truly an inspiration to all men everywhere!  A wise man will ALWAYS heed their advice!!!

Charles Flanary
Happy Anniversary Don & Ann,i hope it's a great one.
Don A
Happy 43rd Anniversary Don & Ann from NZ. 

Wow Don  .............. 43 years is a long time under the same government.

The song that comes to mind for me is:  "I've Forgotten You"

Have a Great Day ............. I'm sure the Good Wife will make you breakfast in bed, today!

You deserve it. 

John S
Ain't marriage just wonderful!? Finding the right woman is better than butter on cornbread and it is an inspiration to see someone stay the course for 43 years!
My congrats to you in N Z!! My suggestions for a song Rhonda to sing to you all is ..... "GOOD THING GOING" or perhaps before Darrell is part of Ragin' history, how about "CAN"T HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER"
John S

Happy anniversary to the folks "down under"

The song of choice would be..."I can't picture me, without you" That gets 'em everytime. She'll melt when you sing that song. She'll be happy to cook, clean, feed the dogs, hook up the sled, be the head "musher"
She'll also wrestle crocs, run off the kangaroos, and skin a Python with a sharp rock, just to see you happy.
Ann A

Herby...I can't type for laughing .

Don & Ann nz.......I will send my own Anniversary wish.  I see as usual my Don has jumped on the board before I could get to it.  You see I was doing all those things that Herby just mentioned.  Except the last part.  I wouldn't touch a snake if ya paid me to.
43 years what an accomplishment.   Happy Anniversary to two great people (I know you must be great as you have two great names ).
I hope you both have a wonderful day.  I think just like the birthday week celebration we wives also get an anniversary week.   We may have to check this one out with RV.

I agree with Julia, the song of choice should be "I Give All My Love to You"

Marriage is a  3 Ring Circus.......................

ENGAGEMENT RING.....................

WEDDING RING...............................

SUFFER   RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Tom Alman
Don't forget the bathtub ring!

Gary Kennedy
Happy Anniversary
from NZ, Eh?
don nz
Thank you all , for your kind messages, we are having a nice dinner here and plenty of Rhonda`s songs,couldn`t be better.
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