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That's more like it, Herby.  I knew what TLW meant, but I was just baiting you.

Congratulations to Blake Griffin and Bill Self.  Both awards were well-deserved.  This moves the Big 12 into a three-way tie with the Big Ten and ACC for second-best conference.  They're all slightly below the Big East, even after yesterday.

I always hate to see the tournament come to an end.  This means that I now have to start doing all of the things that I've been putting off for the past month.  One thing that I'm definitely not going to miss is that stupid commercial where the michigan fan drops his bag and the OHIO STATE fan picks it up and hands it to him.  That wouldn't happen in a million years.  The only thing realistic about that scene is that the michigan fan fumbled.

I'm so glad that OHIO STATE's pathetic excuse for a defense is one of the finalists for the Pontiac Game-Changing Performance.  I really need to keep seeing how they left that Siena player wide open for the winning three-pointer.

Herby, I'm a computer neanderthal.  I definitely need to improve my skills.  Or, to be more accurate, develop some skills.  I would like to learn how to post previous quotes on this board, like I see other people do.  The Prez explained it to me, but I'm still not sure how to do it.  Maybe I should practice it now.


Okay, I'm back.  I have randomly selected a comment that I posted exactly one month ago, and will now attempt to re-post it as a quote.  Wish me luck.

Now that the Spartans have everybody healthy, they're going to be a very tough out.  They're extremely deep and athletic, they rebound like crazy, and their point guard can take over a game whenever he wants.  With the Final Four being in Detroit, I wouldn't bet against them.  

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