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Charlie K

Good Morning from the Left Coast!

Good Morning Charlie K!!
Here's a question for Wiki

Why does my mouth wiggle when I play?

Nice "bail of straw" on top of your head. Looks like you just took a dip in the pond. If it was short and dark, this wouldn't be a problem.

Charlie K

Like this one, Herb? I definitely have a preference but I'm not taking sides on this one.

I love the pics!!!!

Special thanks to my fellow leftist, Charlie K, for posting this beautiful picture of the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.  She looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo, and her hair looks great, too.  I remember that day at Sally Mountain very well.
RHONDA, don't listen to that silly gossip columnist.  Although you would look great with any hair style, you are definitely much more beautiful with long hair.  In these photos posted by Comrade Charlie, you were younger in the brunette picture, but you look younger in the blonde picture.

I've seen that mouth wiggle 185 times and I still don't know why you do it.  As long as the person sitting beside me isn't wiggling their mouth, I'm fine with it!

Dear Herby, one of these days you're going to be right about something and I intend to be the first person to congratulate you.  Sooner or later, the law of averages......
Dear Herby, one of these days you're going to be right about something and I intend to be the first person to congratulate you. Sooner or later, the law of averages......

Nice photo Charlie K....that's the woman I married. I remember those days...barely.

Julia, quit laughing so hard, or you might pull a rib out.

GLK...I'm speechless. I have no comeback for you. My mind just doesn't work like yours.

Herby, now you made me feel bad.  It's not going to be any fun to pick on you if you aren't even going to fight back.  Could you please post something obnoxious to alleviate my liberal guilt?

Don't fall for that GLK.  He's baiting you....... he's a fisherman you know.  

Thanks for the tip, Truly Lucky Woman A#1.  Obviously, you're the expert on this subject.

(Don't tell anyone, but I'm counter-baiting him.)
Charlie K

Ill just put up the photos and stay out of the controversy.
First Glk....let me correct you on 1 thing...TLW stands for "The Loving Wife."

Now, if you're not going to get your facts right.....I thought you were a savvy computer wiz...come on, get with it. Geeeezzzz
Must be that liberal thing you've got going. Which side of the brain do you liberals think out of ???? I know you don't use both sides, or you would watch Fox, and pay homage to Mr.O. "Fair and Balanced" like me!!!!!!!

Hold on a moment...72,000 are going crazy in Detroit....Michigan St. must be doing something crazy....BRB.....13:05 remaining, Sparty is leading UConn 53-48.

Could the Big 10 really win the NIT and the NCAA tournaments??? I hope not....there would be no living with GLK if that happened.

BTW...Chevrolet player of the year (Blake Griffon) and coach of the year (Bill Self) came from the Big 12....

Have good day!!!!!!
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