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The Ol' Dawg

Silly Dawg . . . Silly Queen . . . Silliness always seems to

abound when we get together. Silly, Silly, Silly !!!     


















Good Mornin' Dawg and all the rest of you !
Snow flurries up here this morning.

Tom Alman
Good silly mornin' Mike, Rhonda, Doug and Ragers all!


Are you all talking about your bead????  LOL

Mike B

Good morning everyone!

Robert Hall
Good morning everybody!..
Louise,"Ol Dawg",Tom,William,Mike B,Doug,and all the rest of the Ragers...hope all had a good Sunday, and weekend..
RHNDA and the band as well!...looks like she had a good time in AZ!..

Prayers to all here who may need them..though I may not always post a response on a "prayer request" thread,be assured I DO send prayers to anyone in need, as soon as I've read their request!..sometimes I just cant respond to every message like I'd like too,my computer is so slow it takes several minutes to post anything here...

Hope everyone has a good week...going to be a cold one here,today looks to be our last day to hit 50 degrees,after today we'll be back to the freezer,temps only in the 30's,might even see some of that nasty white stuff fall from the skies later this week.. ..not looking forward to that at all!..

Take care everyone..God bless!..

Good Morning Mike and Rhonda ....Nice picture Mike.
You look like a ''hunkadoodle'' to me if you are familair with The Well's Family Bluegrass...then you will know what that is.

Good Morning ALL ...have a nice day.

Good Morning Robert, we have been having morning temps here in the low 30's.
A few morning's down to freezing already.
Looks like we may have an early winter here. Hope your day is good ...keep warm.
Good Morning from Las Vegas!!!

You KNOW I love that bead, Bec!!  

Speaking of SILLY....it was a SUPER SILLY SHOW last night at the Luxor, where we laughed till our faces hurt, seeing Carrot Top.

Sandy & Brenda are still asleep.  I have to take care of some Bluegrass Cruise business, before we start another day of sight seeing!!!


Good morning Dawg and all the Ragers,

Cool morning here in the Bluegrass State.  I wish all of you a happy day wherever you are.

To Louise:  Have you seen the DVD of Dottie Rambo's Funeral?  I ordered it a while back now, and it is so special for a special lady.  I know you loved too.

To hear the Isaacs sing "Mama's Teaching Angels How to Sing" alone is worth the price of the DVD.  My goodness, they sing like angels.  I will miss Dottie always. 

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks to Rhonda and Herb for providing us her Board to post our thoughts and ideas. It definitely is company for us senior citizen-empty-nesters. 

Carol in Morehead, KY
Good Morning Carol!!  

We're always here for you 24/7. 

Great to know there's always someone to talk to!!  
Carol, I was not aware of the Dottie dvd...thank you so much for the info.
I cant wait to get a copy.
She was such a precious and talented lady and I cant believe she is gone.
We have so much beautiful music and precious memories of her though.
Do you have the cd where she does a duet with Dolly?
I think it's been out a while but I just got it about a month ago .

I have so many Dottie favorites ...but the one I listen to the nost is ''The Hill's Of Home''.
Have a Blessed Day Carol and thanks again.

I bet John already has this dvd.
Good Morning Rhonda.  Thanks for that.  I don't see how in the world you keep up your schedule.  But I also see your holiday break is coming up and I know you can't wait.  Get plenty of rest and let Herb do all the decorating. ; ) 

Louise, I don't know if the DVD is still available.  I wrote to Reba just now to ask about that.  I'll let you know through email.  I probably have it somewhere, but email me at cjfl@roadrunner.com and give it to me again.  Don't want to promote other's products here on Rhonda's board.  Just not ethical.


Rhonda , I apologize for my last post ...I want do it again.

A Fan
Louise , don't know why you apologized. Carol asked you the question, then when you responded she said you were being unethical.


Hey louise!:wave:!
I have yet to order my DVD of Dottie's funeral, but it is something I plan on doing and maybe have it soon. Every song that woman wrote and sang holds so much honesty and truth that to pick a favorite for me is very difficult. But, I believe The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me is my favorite.
So many times in this life we face obstacles and trouble that no one else may know of but God Himself, and in those moments we long for the high green pastures of our Father's land. And the promise we are given is that these ' ... Doors of clay are going to burst wide open when the angel sets my spirit free. I'll take my flight like the mighty eagle when the hills of home start calling me.' We will be home. Home never more to roam or be distracted ... what a wonderful thought for my soul!
What a joyous song from a true saint.
John S
PS ~ I honestly wish Rhonda would take some of Dottie's songs and use them in an all gospel project ... hint, hint, hint
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