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Directed to A Fan:  Don't put words in my mouth--I did NOT say Louise was being unethical.  If anyone was, it would be me for even bringint it up.  Some people (like you) will make something negative out of anything.  Louise is one of the people I like best on this Board and she knows that.

The Ol' Dawg
You look like a ''hunkadoodle'' to me if you are familair with The Well's Family Bluegrass...then you will know what that is.

That's a new one on me - I've heard the word "snickerdoodle" before - And, I ain't got a clue what it means either !!!
Carol & Louise....Not to worry.......you're welcome to post about people we love here! 

Besides....the *"RRVWSP"   will take care of any post that we feel is not appropriate for the site.

*RRVWSP = "Ragin Rhonda Vincent Web Site Police"    

Tom Alman
Gee! That sounds like when we were in school and had a hall moniter LOL! When the Queen says its all good, Its Good! Now back to the classroom HEE! HEE!!!

Thank you Sweet Rhnda...you're the Best.
So are you Carl.
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