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I can't believe that I'm having another major problem with a car that is SUPPOSED to be very reliable. My car is eating tires up and its because of poorly designed control arms in the rear. There are numerous complaints about this and even a Honda Technical bulletin about it. Apparently the control arms are too short and it's causing the tires to bow in and wear them out. Honda changed these arms in 2008, mine is a 2007 with ones that actually work. Well Honda will not issue a recall and now I have to pay $300 to fix it, not counting having to replace 2 tires I just bought last year, when I had to buy 4 tires because of the problem.

Needless to say I'm not a happy Honda owner Wonder if I can get my Vibe back
Hmmmm.....how many miles does it have on it? I'll trade you my Mazda for it if your Honda has less than 175,000 miles on it.
LOL Thanks Courtney. Well its getting close to yours, it has 80,000 miles on it Actually I'm just frustrated by it because its a known problem and not something that wore out, I could understand that with as many miles as I have on it, but they had a poorly designed part on it and they know it but won't fix it. But I'm over my rant now and remember ther 40 mpg I get on that car LOL
80,000?!?! SOLD!
Uncle Pen

No more VIBE either.  Pontiac R.I.P.  1907-2009   A victim of GM's woes.

Yeah I heard that, its sad to see Pontiac go.

That doesn't seem fair.  Have you checked with your local Better Business Bureau, or the Attorney General's Office?  Though Honda may not consider it a recall, you have consumer rights.  Companies can say whatever they want, they can print whatever they want, but don't forget, you as a consumer have rights.  Give it a try and see what happens?
steven klein
Hi julia;  sorry about the car trouble.  I'm in the process
of rebuilding the engine in a 1978 MG Midget convertible
should be road ready by june and warm weather, call if
you need it. I'm pretty sure both you and your laptop will
fit but probably no room for extra shoes or a suitcase.
Mike B
Julia - I had the same problem with my '01 Accord.  After 3 right front tires within 25,000 miles, I gave up on Honda service and took it to an independent technician who described the same problem as yours.  Seems the misalignment is not unusual given the condition of our roads(potholes, etc.),  but Honda doesn't have enough adjustment in the front end to fix the problem.  Not sure what my guy did to fix it, but he did and I'm still a happy Honda owner after almost 130,000 miles.  Might be time to jump up & down and scream at the service manager!!!
Julia, Honda make very good lawnmowers ! lol

Robert Hall
Julia,sorry to hear about your car troubles..you'd think on a new car you would not have any problems like this,at least not for several years..unfortunately I hear stories like yours almost daily from my friend who repairs cars..many parts simply aren't beefy enough to take the road conditions..I cant belive how thin the structural parts on many newer cars are,they look like they would fold in two if you hit a speed bump.

I have seen many new FWD cars come in his repair shop with badly rotted rear control arms,some are only
 old!--and they are so weak even when new,if a ramp truck operator hooks the chain there when tying a car down onto the truck,it often bends the control arm like a pretzel..one Escort that was towed in for a "no start" problem had one rear wheel looking like it was taking a left turn,and lad over like a road grader!--cost to replace it--275 bucks,just for the control arm,75 bucks for labor..the towing company's insurance paid for it though..

If it is a common and "known" problem,it might be that Honda has what is known in the car biz as a "silent recall",which means the manufacturer is aware of the problem,but isn't about to recall millions of vehicles when only a fairly small percentage of them may actually have the parts that are defective..sometimes one dealer will bend over backwards to get the trouble corrected,while others simply blow you off and hope you go away.

Remember back in the 80's and 90's many cars had paint peeling off in less than 2 years,when they switched to water based paints when laquer was banned in many states?..many people got told "too bad,it's due to climate and maintenence issues"--while others who complained loud and long enough got their cars repainted at no cost..Of course the car companies didn't want to have to repaint millions of cars,so they did not issue a recall--but instead told dealers to offer some people "silent recall" paint jobs,if that would keep them from "blowing the whistle" so to speak..there are thousands of cars with defective parts the companies know darn well aren't up to snuff,but they wont stand behind them..

I would try another dealer,if they give you the same treatment,go over their head and write or e-mail directly to the Honda Motor Company and ask for a Customer Representitive in your area..The Honda dealer down the street from me "Silko Honda" I have heard,has helped some customers get satisfaction that bought their Honda's at another dealer,then got the brush off treatment..

BTW,Honda DOES make good small engines--I have worked on mowers for 30 years,and about the only thing on a Honda engine I've replaced is a gas tank!--I dont know much about them ,because you never have to FIX them!..local cranberry bogs here have hundreds of Honda engines now owering their berry pickers,as older american made engines wear out,theybuy Honda's to replace them..they made some great motocycles too..

I have a friend who has a old Civvic,that has 275K on it,he bought it for 300 bucks,and has driven it to Florida 4 times with no problems other than a flat tire..still has the original clutch in it!..My brother races an '89 Honda Prelude on the ice during the winter,this season he won two trophies with it!..But I think the newer cars get,the worse they get in ways..they are cutting costs and making things too cheesy nowadays..

Mike Garlock
Morning Julia,

    I didn't answer last night because I wanted to be sure before I said anything.  The adjustment your talking about is called Camber.  Many of the aftermarket supplier's make "Problem Solver" parts that the OEM just don't have.  The stock parts for your car had Minus 1 1/2 degree's to Plus 2 degree's of Camber adjustment.  They now make replacment Control Arms that have adjustment of Minus 2 degree's to Plus 4 degree's.  That will have enough Camber adjustment to make your Tire Straight.  The Control Arm cost's $120.00.  Mike G.
Hey Steve,

My sister used to have a little red MGB and we loved it. You'll have to send me a photo of the car when you are done with it! Yeah they don't really have a whole lot of room to haul t-shirts and cds

Thanks so much for checking on that for me Mike. I had read online that the original arms were not long enough, thus causing the problems. That's my whole problem with this, if the arms were worn out because I go Ragin too much and have 80,000 miles on them, fine that's my fault, but when the part was wrong at 0 miles, its wrong even past warranty Honda quoted me $184 for the parts and close to $100 for labor. I'm going to go ahead and get it done because I don't want to keep replacing tires.

I do want to say that the Honda dealer in Charleston has been great to work with through this, it's the Customer service at Honda America that won't budge, and if they won't pay for it, there's nothing the local dealer can do.

All and all though I love my Civic and plan on putting another couple hundred thousand miles on it, just hope I don't have a couple hundred thousand dollars in repairs for it LOL

adjust the camber too much and you'll be driving like the nascar drivers, lol.

LOL I don't think we have to worry about that Harry Rhonda says I drive like Steve Urkel
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