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Mike Garlock
Evening Folks,

   Safely Home!  My neighbor Doug picked us up at the Airport and we were early!  So we are at the Clevland Airport on the Layover just sitting down at a table in Terminal D and I Here...Hey "Big Mike"!  It's my Golf League Partner who is also my Dentist with his Wife flying back from their second Home in Las Vegas.  So we had Dinner with them and sat in the same row on the flight back to Rochester.  What a way to finish this great Week.  Mike G.
Joe & Lynn
Glad you made it home safely.  We didn't have any trouble getting the camper out through the mud as some were having. I saw Brian pulling a few out early this morning. Being only a little over 2 hours away, we got home at 9:45 am.  Camper is unpacked and almost all of the laundry is done. Time for some rest.
Hope everyone else that has left SMP had a safe trip home!!!!
For those still stuck there waiting for drier weather, it looks like dry weather till Friday.

Glad you made it home safely.

I'm working on the muddy laundry. 

Baked cookies tonight, and the dog wouldn't even eat them.

I can't figure out what happened???   

Surely left something important out.

Hey DON na' ....will you bring your cooking pot, and help me out with the baking this week???    

Mike Garlock
Hi Rhonda & Lynn,

    Lynn  wereglad you made it out early.  Courtney said a Big Tow Truck got the Bus out.  Rhonda I'm sure the Cookies were OK...Herb probably fed the Dog Samantha to much Food.  She might have had some Cheese for Breakfast also!  Mike G.
Hey Mike!

I guess I won't be getting back to Cali tonight, but my bags will.. They overbooked my last flight in Utah.. And I volunteered my seat to a 13 yr old girl.. The airlines put us up in a hotel for the night and gave us a large voucher.. :-)

The weather is really nice and I think I'm gonna head out and do some exploring!

p.s. Sorry to hear about the cookies, Rv. She is one crazee dog!

Just got in a few minutes ago. It's been a pretty long day of traveling and it feels SO good to be covered up in my blankets typing this.

The flight from Kansas City was a little stressful as Delta airlines really makes it difficult to travel with a mandolin. I'm gonna stick with Southwest from now on when I bring an instrument. I had to gate check my mandolin in Kansas City because the plane was really small, and I was sweating as I watched the careless baggage person sling it onto the conveyor belt. Thankfully, my baby is ok.

The flight from Memphis was much better as I sat next to a really cute guy who had just finished law school. He was really sweet and even mentioned gator hunting and how he used to live in Nashville and frequent the Station Inn. Too bad I'll never see that boy again.

My friends picked me up at the New Orleans airport, and the minute we walked outside, the heat hit me. WOW! What a temperature difference! That and the humidity made me wanna hop on a plane back to Kansas City. haha

Well it's back to reality tomorrow. I better hit the hay so I can get some rest before work.

Nite y'all! Glad y'all made it home safe!

P.S. RV, did you clean that attic out yet? Better put some mothballs up there.

Richard and I will be home in a few minutes!
Uncle Pen & Friend
We got home about 10:30 am this morning.  

We own great bit of thanks to Brian & Rick for getting us out of the compound.   We opted note to even try and waited until they could get us out.    We pulled into a rest stop in Ohio somewhere on the eastern side of Columbus.    We were bushed.   The 4am late night/early morning jam was hard on the driving.  

We had a great time.   MIssed everyone that couldn't make and it was great meeting some new Ragers from the Message Board.

WOW.   I have 15 minutes until I have to leave for work.   

hi Uncle Penn, yes we were glad to meet you, and friend, and of course, 99 & 86, I finally got to put faces with the name, it was great. See you next year or at another concert somewhere.
     Linda from Ind.
We stayed for the Sunday morning gospel & Dr. Browning's church services-all did a very nice job. Jody & Dean got home safely in Columbia. Dean went to see his mom and without any prompting he told her he had been on vacation at Sally Mountain Park and he'd been on stage with Rhonda! He's a great fan too! We didn't have any trouble getting out. We all had a GREAT time! Thanks to all we met, chatted with, jammed with, listened to, etc. Hope you all stay safe and well until we meet again down the road.

Jim, Mary, Toby, Jody, & Dean
Is Gary Home Yet?
Hey Gary K....did you make it home safely?

Let us know. We worry about U.

We'll pray for your safety and a terrific trip to your town!

Gary K
Hello RHONDA and all of the citizens of Rageland,

Yes, I made it home safely today.  Thanks for asking.  I had a very nice journey home to San Diego after a simply wonderful week at Sally Mountain Park.  I arrived at the Friend Inn in Kansas City early Sunday evening.  Special thanks to Bec, Matt, and Dinanny for letting me crash the anniversary celebration and for all of their hospitality to a poor wayfaring stranger once again.

This morning (Monday) I drove to KCI and dropped off my car at the world's finest rental car facility.  As always, the shuttle bus was ready and waiting to take me to my Southwest Airlines gate.  They've really got their act together at KCI.  That's why I never complain about paying the Customer Facility Charge ($18), the Transportation Facility Charge ($12), the Concession Recoup Fee ($14.74), the Vehicle License Fee ($11.94), the Sales Tax ($16.06), and last but certainly most, the Downtown Arena Fee ($24).

I did manage to get some more information about the downtown arena that I helped to purchase for the fine city of Kansas City, even though they don't have a basketball or hockey team.  Apparently, they've already begun having concerts at the new arena.  I'll never understand why anyone would want to sit and listen to music in a fancy, comfortable, indoor arena when they could be slopping around in the mud and listening to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT for five straight days, but I guess it takes all kinds.

As soon as I got home, I went for a walk around the neighborhood and quickly realized that I was completely exhausted from all of the late night jams.  Normally, I can never sleep during the day, but it was no problem this afternoon.  I'm still pretty far behind in the sleep department, but I seem to have gotten myself back of Pacific time once again.

It was great to see so many friends from the wonderful Rager family, but we certainly missed the ones who weren't able to attend.  Special thanks to Rhonda and Herb for hosting the 5th Annual RHONDA VINCENT Fan Club Party, along with numerous other acts of kindness which they have extended toward so many of us.  The Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival is the highlight of the Ragin' year for me and it's become an annual sacred pilgrimage.  As so many others have already expressed, we are extremely grateful to the hard-working Vincent family for making it such a special event. 

Many of us have marvelled at Rhonda's ability to multi-task, but she's just carrying on a family tradition.  Carolyn is the only person on earth who can sing, play bass, and bake pies all at the same time.  Of course, Johnny Vincent is a one of a kind performer who is a truly great entertainer.  You just never know what that man is going to say or do.  Actually, it would be worth the price of admission just to see Brian in action all week.  On Sunday morning, he was pulling campers out of the mud while simultaneously playing mandolin and singing his harmony part during the Gospel show.   And speaking of family traditions, wasn't it great to see Sally and Tensel leading bluegrass music's Next Best Thing?

I would also like to thank Team Canada 185, who generously shared supplies which they packed in from their summer igloo on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  I'm goin' around the world with a banjo pickin' girl......well, not exactly...!!!   

Finally, special thanks to President Julia and the First Gentleman Richard for all of their hard work to make sure that everyone was always happy.  Some of you may have missed the announcement, but the Prez issued a new show count ruling on Sunday morning.  Under the newly revised policy, both Friday and Saturday at Sally Mountain now count as two shows each, because the great RHONDA VINCENT plays with both the Sally Mountain Show and the Rage.  Since this was my sixth appearance at Sally Mountain, that will retroactively give me 12 more RHONDA VINCENT shows and bring my career total to 204.  But who's counting? 

Uncle Pen's Friend
I wonder if Don(na) and Ann made it back to Canada yet?   

Oh how I miss the campfire and overnight Jamming.  

Is it June 27, 2010 yet?   Time to leave for Sally Mtn again.   Next year I am not working MONDAY after Sally Mtn.  
Mary C. and Jim

We made it home around 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon. Since PA is a little farther than where we used to live in IA , we took two days to get home. Jim had time to catch up on the mowing before going back to work today. We had a great time. Glad everyone had a safe trip home!  

Great to see you Mary!  Thanks to your Jimmy C for all his help!

Will we see you in PA on Saturday?
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