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DON na'

We finally made it home, about 16 hours ago. We only had to change one trailer tire on the way home, in Michigan ... well I didn't ... Ann did.  I told her if I was now doin' the cookin' and cleanin', she might as well go ahead and change the tire. I really think she's going to like this role reversal. Right now she's out in the driveway changing the oil in the truck. I'm thinkin' she's lovin' this.

Baked cookies tonight, and the dog wouldn't even eat them.

Rhonda from my experience in the kitchen, it's all in the flour, it has to be Martha White Self-Rising Flour (enriched, bleached, pre-sifted), with hot rize, and always set the oven temperature to 350 F. The most common ingredient that is left out is the baking soda. (It's this that makes them fluffy) There are other factors, but these are the most important.  

Hey DON na' ....will you bring your cooking pot, and help me out with the baking this week???

Sure I'll bring my cooking pot and help out with the baking this week. Maybe we could start by baking an apple pie. I already have two apples  ... that's a start. Waiting for your call! You've got my number.  

Glad everyone made it home safely. It was a great time had by all, from the fan club party, the great stage shows, to the nightly jamms, and the great food at the cook shack.

See everyone next year, or sooner, hopefully.

Mary C. and Jim

Yes, we will see you in Reedsville, PA on Saturday. Safe travels. 

Who is going to Mineral, VA?

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