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Hello from Buffalo!!!   The weather is brisk, but no ice or snow. So for this part of the country, it's probably perfect.

Anyone know what the hours of the Arrow Horse Music Store is?

I thought we might stop by there, if we get into PA early enough in the morning.

Also, any recommended places to eat in Gettysburg or Hanover for lunch?

If all goes well, we should pull in there in time for lunch; and a look around the music store.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!  
They are open 10 am to 4 pm tomorrow.
Uncle Pen's Friend

Can I crash your party at the Arrow Horse.   I get off of work at 12 noon about 15 minutes from Gettysburg.   Uncle and I have a picture of you and Hank together from Gettysburg that we would love for you to sign and give it to him.  

Uncle Pen's Friend
OK, I only read about half of the original post:

Restaurants in Gettysburg within walking distance of the Arrow Horse:

Mama Venture's Italian Restaurant  - walk towards the square about 5 or 6 store fronts on the same side of the street.   Good Italian food. 

The Pub - is on the square in Gettysburg.   It's in the quadrant on the same side as the Arrow Horse.   Maybe another 50 yards past the Italian Restaurant.   They serve soup, salads, sandwiches and some dinners.

Restaurants in Hanover -

Within walking distance - there is a small Family Restaurant behind the Eichelberger (down at the lower part of the parking lot in the back).   Very large portions of good homemade cooking that is inexpensive.    Anything from soup & sandwiches to dinners.  We will be eating here prior to the show. 

The Victory Restaurant - sits on Carlisle St (Rt. 94) about 3/4 of a mile from the Eichelberger.   Directly accross the street is UTZ Quality Foods.  This is where the yummy Christmas Snack came from.  The actual address is 918 Carlisle Street.  This is a landmark in Hanover.   It was started back in the 1940's and it was run by the same local family until a few years ago when the new owners purchased it.   Another good family restaurant.   With a variety of food.   

And Uncle suggests "Famous Hot Weiner" - It's a greasy spoon kind of restaurant.   They serve hamburgs and hot dog with chili, onion, and mustard; which are locally referred to as "Gut Busters"   I love this place but within moderation.    But I don't think this follows Rhonda's low fat healthy diet.  

If you have any other questions, Julia should have my cell phone or e-mail me.

Dean the Boston Boy

Oh, to live in a part of the US where used CD stores had tons and tons of bluegrass and country records and not just rock bands that no one's ever heard of. That's why I go to Nashville and Memphis - to record-shop!!!

I know I can get pretty much anything on the Web but it's not the same. I love browsing and discovering cool stuff.

I'm so jealous...

Hi Rhonda.  We love the Dobbin House Tavern in Gettysburg.  We make a point to go there every time we're in Gettysburg for the bluegrass festival.  Great atmosphere and great food.  It's a springhouse tavern and you can hear the spring running through it.  It's located at 89 Steinwehr Ave.  Enjoy! See you on the cruise!
What about BUS parking?

I forgot about trying to park the bus downtown Gettysburg.

Is there a parking lot for the bus, anywhere near Arrow Horse?

Hank said that he has a place for the bus, just to let him know.
Uncle Pen's Friend
BUS Parking:   There is a Grocery Store downtown at the intersection of N. Franklin St and W Middle Street.   I think it's in the 100 block it's about 2 blocks from the Arrow Horse.   

There is a small shopping center about 3 blocks west on Chambersburg Street where you might be able to park in the lot on on Springs Ave. which is a public street.  

Gettysburg College is a few block North of the store as well.   You might be able to find something back there as well.  

There's also a parking Garage in "Race Horse Alley"  it is near the Majestic Theater.   I'm sure there is some type of bus parking near there since they have country concerts like Billy Currington etc.. there.  

I'm think the college might be you best bet as long as Security is ok with it.  
Uncle Pen's Friend
Lori is right about the Dobbin House.    I love the tavern.   It's a nice jaunt from the Arrow Horse to the Dobbin House.   If you decide to go there walk down Baltimore Street and not S. Washington Street.    There is also the Farnsworth House, which is on Baltimore Street as well.   Both places are historic Civil War buildings and both are said to have "sightings".  

At "O So Early In the Morning" here it seems a little breezy.   And it's cool this morning, but above freezing.

Uncle Pen's Friend
Darn keys!

See ya in a few hours!!!

we always stay at Cashtown Inn , I try to get General A.P. Hills room , great bed & breakfast

Here's a funny for ya. While shopping in Gettysburg, the bus left for Hanover without the Queen. LOL

Needless to say they had to make a U-turn and go back an pick her up. That'll teach her. Shopping is bad for your health. Not to mention your feet. It could've been a good hike on over to Hanover.
now she knows how her Mom felt when Rhonda left her at BWI airport a few years ago LOL
Ann A
I am really sorry...........but I keep laughing .....even phoned hubby at work to tell him!!!  Sorry Rhonda.  I know shopping RULES!!!
Sea U soon
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