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Uncle Pen's Friend

WOW, Rhonda was FANtastic last night.   But I'm curious as to what shoppes she found interesting in Gettysburg.   I don't recall there being any clothing boutiques or shoe stores down town.    And the Wal-mart is quite a jaunt, unless maybe she hit the Dollar General.   

Hey there UPF.....

I stopped by the store that is 2 doors down from Arrow Horse. I think it was called Jills?

As I shopped, the lady kept giving me things for FREE!!!  :-)

How could I resist.  A leather skirt, leopard shirt, maroon skirt.

I found 2 jackets, brown overalls, a pair of jean capri's for the cruise, with lips across the pockets, and 2 DvDs.

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I remember right now. 

Next time, I hope to have more time to wander the streets of Gettysburg.
There are so many shops. I was only in one store; and I still got left. 
Kim from MO

I don't know Rhonda...next time take the bus keys with YOU!!  Then they can't leave until you're ready!!

Uncle Pen's Daughter
The show in Hanover was awesome, you did most of the songs I always hope I will hear but never do!  I will see you again and homecoming both in the same night amazing.  Both of those songs make me think of my grandma who passed away last March, I miss her dearly.  It was nice to hear those songs live, since her passing I have been hoping I would get to see them preformed live!

Thanks for the great show!
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