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butch turner

hey guys talked with mary the other day and was talking about all of you guys, she is so excited . she told me that she didn't know how much more her heart could tAKE!!!!   LOL  she is just so cute

Connie Massie

Hello to all.  I am the wife of one of the Little Mountain Boys (A.D. Massie), and I just wanted to say thanks to Rhonda, Larry, Nothin' Fancy, Sweet Brenda and everyone else who is willing to pitch in to help Dancin' Mary.  God bless each and every one of you!!!  The Little Mountain Boys are working hard getting up posters about the concert (A.D. has been gone since before I got out of bed this morning), and we are all looking forward to this fantastic show.  Thanks again to everyone - and, Rhonda, thanks for the special auction too.  You are the best!  We'll see you on the 6th of August!

Connie Massie
I would like to remind everyone that, in addition to the BIG SHOW, on August 6, 2009, there will be a benefit for Mary on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 2:00 pm at the Bingo Hall in Madison Heights, VA!  Please come out both times and show your love and support for sweet Dancin' Mary!

WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO THE BIG SHOW ON AUGUST 6 AT NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL - our hometown (Nelson Co) will be rockin' on that night!  Please, for Mary's sake, let's all help to make it a sold out event!!!!


Ross Beverley

Having grown up traveling the road with my father who played with Don Reno (Bonny Beverley-fiddle), I have always known that bluegrass fans are the best on earth. I also know it's musicians are the best on the planet. You guys take time out of your busy tour schedule and donate time and money to make this lady's day. Everyone involved in this are what makes me proud to be an American. Wished I could have drove from Norfolk to my birthplace to see it in person. Hopefully, Dad got out of the house and drove the 90 minute trip.

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