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Mary & Jim Goodman
We had some people come and couldn't listen, we are again. Thanks Courtney-who was the person who wrote and first recorded it? Does your source say?
Mary G
Well we got to hear the last song and both of you sign off! LOL
Sorry about that Mary.  I'm wore out from this week and wrote everything but what you asked for. haha

Randy VanWarmer wrote and recorded the song in 1979. 

Mike B

What project is that song from?  I have never heard it performed by RV&R.

Yesterday & Today - 30 Years of Music
Mike B

Thank you Cawtney!  I think that is the only one I don't own.  I must remedy this situation!!!


I'm happy for you and the reponses you received from your recent radio show. Keep up the good work. Altho, I don't tune in, I'm so pleaed that Seve could enjoy your show from his hospital room. Rhonda you are so special. I have all your music. Can't always be at your shows, but I love you. Rhonda, you have the love of many, Whether we can purchase tickets to your show, of just listen in when we have the opportunity.

Mary G
Sorry I may have lead a few of you astray. . . we have just heard Rhonda sing "Just When I Needed You Most" at festivals, which she sings beautifully. I don't know if she has recorded it. I/We are just Rhonda fans, as I know yall are also. . .guess I need to watch my wording.
Hey Mary G!

Rhonda did record it on her "Yesterday and Today" album back in the late 90s. She does a GREAT job on it too!

Sorry for any confusion!

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