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Sweet Brenda & Him
The Bluegrass Express is on the radio tonight and the web.  Check it out 6 - 9pm on the Bobcat http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com check it out.


tuned in, in PA

Sweet Brenda & Him
Hey Harry!!!!

Thank you for listening...
Rhonda & Steve
Steve is stuck with me tonight. We are listening from the Kirksville Hospital....filling the floor with BLUEGRASS MUSIC!!!  
Sweet Brenda & Him

Hope we are making him feel better.

Steve is enjoying the music.  He just heard the fiddle on Heartwrenching and said, "Hunter!"   

I asked him who was singing and he said, "Rhonda!"

OH...he just heard you say "Steve"       Thanks for making him feel good.


Hey y'all are sounding real good way down in Southwest Louisiana. Keep up the good BLUEGRASS

Jim & Mary Goodman
Got you tuned in loud and clear in Centerville, IA.
Mary G
Naturally we like Rhonda's version the best but who originally recorded (maybe this is not the title) "Just When I Needed You Most"?
Sweet Brenda & Him
We love making people feel good.

Mary, I don't have it by Rhonda but I think I have by Larry.
Steve perked up when you were talking about him.  :-)

When you said he was feeling better, he shook his head and said "YES" 


Thanks again.  And Herb Thanks you for keeping him awake, so he might sleep through the night tonight.  He's been going to sleep now, and keeping Herby awake during the night. 

Hey Mary G!

It looks like it was written and first recorded in 1979.  Dolly Parton recorded it in 1996.  It's been recorded by several people.  It's a great song!

Sweet Brenda

You are right it is a great song.  We are going to play it tonight.

Mike Garlock
Evening SB & H,

    We tuned in late , but we have you coming in Loud & Clear!                Mike & Brenda
Sweet Brenda & Him
Mike & Brenda hope you are doing good.
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