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Sweet Brenda & Him
It is Wed. time for the Bluegrass Express on the Bobcat 6 - 9pm on the web.
http://www.bobcatcountryradio. Don't miss it.

Call us toll free 1-800-849-4146 or email us right here.

See you on the radio tonight.
They there Brenda!!

I hope to listen tonight.

My Mommy is cooking a LIVER DINNER for us tonight, along with Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, and MAYBE Carmel Dumplings.

You may be providing the dinner music!! 

Got any songs fitting for a Liver Dinner??  

Sweet Brenda

Sounds like a good dinner. I will have to look for a song.

Sweet Brenda & Him
We are ready for the Bluegrass Express
Here at the Bobcat http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com

Try this link!

Sounding great Brenda!  Mom left on ambulance call, and left Dad and I finish dinner.  Burnt one skillet full of liver. Mom's NOT gonna be happy.

The caramel dumplings look perfect. Mom had those ready before she rushed off to save someone's life.

I'm cookin' the sweet corn.  Guess we'll eat without Mom.

Sweet Brenda & Him

It wouldn't have anything to do with you being on the computer?

Rhonda & Dad
Mom just made it back from the ambulance. She made cooked cabbage too. Yummy.

She's NOT happy about the burnt liver.  She said it was a good thing she cooked 2 skillets full.

The other skillet was perfect.

2 corns down, and MORE to go. 

Don A.

Listening in before I head out the door to work. 

Have a great evening.

Sweet Brenda & Him

Thank God for Mama....

We're listening in PA, getting ready to eat chicken casserole.  

We're listening in PA also.

Sweet Brenda & Him
Julie, Harry & Don
We are so happy you are all here with us.

Now it is a party...

Liver, cooked cabbage, who would eat that? Not me!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!! If you burned the liver, you probably did the world a huge favor.

Don A.

Now listening in, at work.  You're right it's a party!

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