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Sweet Brenda
October 31 is almost here and time for the Bluegrass Halloween Show at Amelia Family Campground with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage.
It is going to be a fun day....
Hey Brenda!

I can't believe it's almost here!  I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see all the costumes!  I'm going to purchase my costume Monday.  Only 3 more tests stand in my way before it's time to party again.

I'll be in Charlottesville the day before so please let me know if you need any help with anything.  I'll be happy to drive over there early to help set up.

P.S. Any good shopping places in the area?  I may need to do a little stress relief shopping.
Savannah P
Wish we could come! We will be in Gilmer County (WV) spending halloween with the family. Don't forget to take plenty of picutres! Especially the funny stuff! By the way, I would SO win the costume contest! I won scariest last year at our block party! lol jk

How far is Buena Vista from Amelia?  I know of an AWESOME dress shop there!  

Courtney...If you get a chance go to the downtown area...they have alot of neat shops in this area...Rhonda...you would LOVE this area also...Christi

Thanks so much for the info. Christi!  I'll be sure to check those shops out.
Got my costume finally, and I'm ready to have some fun! :-)
Mary G

That's a 17 hour drive for us but I would love to go! Mary & Jim G


Mitchell and I have our costumes ready and we are looking forward to it! Rhonda, Becky's is about 2 hours from Amelia, but only 5 miles from I 81 at the Lexington exit. Sweet Brenda, we are not going to spend the night this time, sorry. I'll call ya. Sea ya soon.

We'll be on the way in a few hours.  First to Troy, New York...then ready for A Bluegrass Halloween!!!

It's gonna be fun to see if we can recognize each other.  :-)


Have a safe drive this weekend and enjoy the shows!

Thanks Suzy Q!    What are you doing up so late?   Or are you up  EARLY?

Got up to early Not sure why!


Pease tell for those of us that can't attend, I'm sure the numbers are overwhelming. What will U be in costume Rhonda? Brenda, Sandy and others? Hope that U will share. Just wondering. I would be a witch if I could be  there. There R seniors all around the country that can't be out. But, we love to see all those that drop by our homes. Love U all....


Cecilia, I'm not telling yet! I'm sure there will be pictures on here tomorrow. Everyone please have a Safe and Happy Halloween

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