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Lots of games, lots of picks, so here goes.....

BCS Championship...Texas vs Alabama
The last time Texas played in a national championship game was against USC which was heavily favored to win the game. Texas and Vince Young didn't have a chance. The same scenario will be hyped this year against 'Bama. The difference...Nick Saban. He will have the Tide ready to play. Too much talent on defense. Texas can't run the ball either. My heart say's Texas, bu the brain says Bama. Alabama wins the BCS Championship.

GMAC Bowl...Troy vs C. Michigan. Central Michigan wins this game in a walk.

Orange Bowl...Iowa vs Georgia Tech...This will be no contest. Iowa shouldn't even be in a BCS game, and it will show. Ga. Tech by 2 touchdowns.

Fiesta Bowl...Boise St. vs TCU...I'm disappointed in this match-up. I would have preferred to see TCU vs Florida in the Sugar, and Boise matched up against another BCS conference school. Nevertheless this is the game we have. I really think TCU could play with Texas, Alabama, and Florida. They are that good on both sides of the ball. TCU wins!!!

Alamo Bowl...Michigan St. vs Texas Tech..2 conflicting styles of football. This game could go either way. If Tech shows up, they could win in a romp, if they don't, Sparty wins a close one. HMMMMM Texas Tech by 21.

Liberty Bowl...Arkansas vs E. Carolina...I like E. Carolina. Very well coached, and sound on both sides of the ball. ECU wins by 7 or less.

Papa Johns Bowl...Uconn vs S.Carolina...Uconn wins an emotional game for their lost team mate.

Cotton Bowl...Oklahoma St. vs. Ole Miss...The Cowboys QB has been suffering from an injury for the last 4 weeks. If he heals, Okie St. wins. Cowboys by 3

International Bowl...USF vs N. Illinois..This is one of those games nobody cares about, unless you're from one of those schools. USF wins

Sugar Bowl...Florida vs Cincinnati..If Florida comes in with their dobbers down form the 'Bama game, the Bearcats will put a whoopin' on 'em. Cincy wins

Rose Bowl...Oregon vs Ohio St...I rarely pick a Pac-10 team because the west coast teams are usually soft. The Ducks defense and the Buckeyes offense aren't very good. Oregon on offense is dynamite. Oregon by 10

Gator Bowl...West Virginia vs Florida St...This will be Coach Bowdens farewell game, with lots of emotion for the 'Noles. "neers win by 3 touchdowns.

Capital One Bowl...Penn St. vs LSU...LSU has no offense...The Nittany Lions will carry the banner for the Big 10.  PSU by 10

Outback Bowl...Auburn vs Northwestern...No question Auburn wins this game.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl...Tennessee vs Virginia Tech...Good game to watch here. This is a toss up game. I flipped the coin, and the Vols won.

Insight Bowl...Iowa St. vs Minnesota...Another toss up. The Gophers won the toss.

Texas Bowl...Missouri vs Navy...The Texas Bowl and the Insight Bowl should be flipped. Mizzou should be in Tempe. I know Coach Pinkel of Mizzou prefers to play in Texas as much as possible, for recruiting purposes. Tigers win.

Sun Bowl...Stanford vs Oklahoma...Good game here. Stanford has a great running game, and Oklahoma is pretty good on defense as well. Low scoring game Sooners 14-10.

Armed Forces Bowl...Houston vs Air Force...I like Houston in this game by 21 pts.

Holiday Bowl.. Nebraska vs Arizona...Nebraska is for real folks. Their defense is as good as anybody's in the country. If Texas can't solve it, neither will Arizona. Huskers 12-10

Humanitarian Bowl...Idaho vs Bowling Green... The Vandals can be tough, but Bowling Green has one of the best receivers in the country. BG 42-28

Champs Sports Bowl...Miami vs Wisconsin...Tough game to pick. Both play in very weak conferences. Canes win

EagleBank Bowl...Temple vs Army or UCLA...I'm going with the Owls no matter who they play.

Independence Bowl...Georgia vs Texas A&M...A&M can't stop anybody, but can score. 'Dawgs win

Music City Bowl...Kentucky vs Clemson...CJ Tiller will go wild on the Wildcats. Clemson 41-21

Emerald Bowl...USC vs Boston College...Oh how the mighty have fallen. SC is finally in a bowl they can win. Trojans 17-14

Meineke Bowl...North Carolina vs Pittsburg...Dion Lewis runs all over the Heels. This is the middle of Basketball season for NC. Panthers 35-14

Lil Ceasers Bowl...Marshall vs Ohio...The Bobcats will lose. Marshall 21-14

Hawaii Bowl...Nevada vs SMU...Nevada has one of the best rushing games in the country. SMU is on the rise, but may still be a year away. Nevada 21-17

Poinsetta Bowl...Utah vs California...Cal hasn't lived up to it's potential all year. They do in the bowl. Cal 28-14

Las Vegas Bowl...BYU vs Oregon St....Great game here. Oregon St. can score on anyone. Byu like to light it up as well. Beavers 52-45

New Orleans Bowl...Mid Tennessee vs Southern Miss...S. Miss wins

St. Petersburg Bowl...Rutgers vs UCF...I like this game..I also like Rutgers in a close game

New Mexico Bowl...Wyoming vs Fresno St....The head coach of Wyoming was the offensive coordinator for Mizzou last year. I still think Fresno wins.

There you have it...All the Bowls, and the Swami's predictions. We're hoping to improve on last years 50% success rate. I have a new puter this year, and feel very confident.

Enjoy the games!!!!!

Guess there are not many Iowa fans in the show me state!

LOL Hawkeye....I have a very good friend that is an avid Hawkeye fan, and he chokes me with it all the time. LOL  So I have to take my shots when I get them.

Here are the reasons I don't feel they are a BCS team, and the only reason I feel they got a bid.
1st. the reason they got a bid...they are the only 2 loss team from a BCS conference left in the country.

I really don't think Iowa is very good. They had a good early season win at Penn St. I really feel PSU played down this year. I also feel like the Big 10 is very weak as a whole. (The Big 12 without Texas isn't much better, but don't tell my friend GLK this)

The Iowa QB had more interceptions than touchdowns. I think the freshman kid they put in after Stanzi went down with an injury, played much better.

Iowa also played very poorly in all those come from behind wins. These games should have been out of reach. ie..Indiana??? N. Iowa??? and a few more. This is not a sign of a good team. Iowa could easily be a .500 team at best. BCS caliber teams blow these teams out, with maybe 1 close call for the whole season.
The conference as a whole has not been good for a while. So their conference wins are tainted in my eyes. Iowa was the only bowl winner last year, and Minnesota may be the only winner this year. If they don't win, the whole conference has a chance of getting shutout.

Let me give you an example of a BCS team that took care of business. TCU. NO, they don't play in a BCS conference, but they beat everybody convincingly. And yes, they would have done the same in the Big 10.

Please don't misundertand this as a Big 10/Iowa bashing, (I'm a Big 12 fan myself, and they are down as well) but merely an observation from a fan of college football. I could start in on the ACC, Pac 10, Notre Dame, and the WAC if you like. The SEC is superior this year, and most, so I can't go off on them.

Have a great day, and thanks for posting.

Got alot of good points Herby! The biggest reason we root for the Hawkeyes is because we don't have a local Pro team. And if we did , what would we call them? Porkchops, Corn Cobs or maybe the Cowpies? Not many Bluegrass fans up here but I love it and the Queen is one of my favorites! Made the trip to Springfield last year and was amazed by the Rage.


I understand not having a pro team to root for, I feel the same here in Mo. The Rams and the Chiefs aren't having good years either.

I do love college football though, and watch every game I can. Natural rivalry's are a good thing. Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, are all rivals to Mizzou fans.

Kinda like the Cubs and Cards in baseball. I always root for the Cards and who ever is playing the Cubs.

This post by the Swami/Herby is here to get folks stirred up about their favorite team, and get some interest for the upcoming bowl season.

I appreciate your post, and encourage others to do the same. We should be able to get a good debate going.

I do hope you are right for the Gator Bowl!


Dear Swami,

Thank you very much for posting your projected bowl game winners.  That helps the rest of us know which teams to bet against.

I'm finding it very scary that I agreed with you on several things.  I was very disappointed in the TCU-Boise State matchup.  I suspect that the BCS bigwigs are getting tired of being embarrassed by the Mountain West and WAC.  I also dislike the Florida-Cincinnati game, because it's just a shame that somebody has to win.  On the bright side, at least one of them will lose.

I don't have the in-depth knowledge of all these teams like you do, Swami, but I did notice that the Big 12 isn't as good as it was last year.  I also noticed that you went with quite a few Pac 10 teams, despite that disclaimer preceeding your Rose Bowl pick.  I can't really argue with picking Oregon, but you can't get them all right, so you might as well miss that one.  OHIO STATE 's defense has carried the offense all season, but they haven't seen anybody who can run the ball like Oregon.  Now that they've reinstated their suspended tailback, they're going to be especially tough.  Our defensive line has been great all year, so it's going to be an interesting matchup.  We also have a great punt returner, so hopefully our defense and special teams will score at least three touchdowns.  That may be our only chance.

As you know, I don't like anything about the BCS.  TCU definitely earned a chance to play for the national title, but so did all of the other conference champions.  Under the current system, ten teams go to BCS games, so I'm not sure who you would put in there other than Iowa.  Penn State was really the only other candidate and they lost to Iowas.  The Hawkeyes weren't a dominate team, but they pulled out a lot of close games, so you have to give them credit for that.  Texas didn't exactly look impressive against the Cornhuskers, but they won it in the end, even though it took 60 minutes and 1 second.  I guess there's some justice in that, after the Longhorns got cheated out of the championship game last year.

I don't really care that much about conference pride, but I'll be supporting all of the Big Ten teams, especially since the wolverines will be sitting home watching the games on TV.  I can't even remember the last time that michigan went to a bowl game, but I think that Sarah Palin still had a job.


I feel the same about Kansas as you do Michigan. Glad they will be resting in Lawrence and watching Mizzou on ESPN.

It's going to be fun watching the bowls work themselves out. I think  the Rose Bowl will be a good game to watch. Both sides of the ball should match up well against each other.

I also think Arkansas vs E. Carolina will be fun as will Tennessee vs Va. Tech and Stanford vs Oklahoma.

I would have rather seen TCU vs Florida, and Cincy vs Boise St. I think those would have been better games to watch.

I did have the unfortunate pleasure of watching Iowa play 5 times this year. Wasn't impressed in any of the games. They're lucky not to be 6-6. I realize you won't have your "A" game every week, and escaping with a win is good. But they slip by every week, and some of it is dumb luck. What are the odds, Mr. Stats guy, of getting not 1, but 2 field goals blocked on the last play of the game, to preserve a victory, against a 1AA UNI team, at home!!!!!!

Indiana was up 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter!!!! These aren't good teams they are barely getting by.

BTW....There are a lot of blogs around wanting to add Mizzou to the Big 10. It will never happen because of the Kansas/Mizzou rivalry game. Oh, but wouldn't that be fun!!!!!!
Swami, I hadn't heard that one.  I'm guessing that there's a zero percent chance of Mizzou leaving the Big 12.  There's a blog for everything these days.  You can probably find a blog to support the craziest things imaginable.....even Sarah Palin.  Well okay, I guess nobody would ever get that crazy.

I don't necessarily disagree with your views about Iowa, but I still don't see who is more deserving.  Oklahoma State was contender before the Sooners took them apart.  If Nebraska or Pittsburgh had won, it probably would have been Texas or Cincinnati.  How about the Fighting Irish?  I don't think they're going to be very busy that week.

(I rarely take the time to use the smiley face feature, but I REALLY enjoyed that one.) 

GLK.....Some of us like Sarah Palin. Trying to keep this interesting for those that don't like Ballgames......& don't have a favorite.....


Well GLK, all I have to say to you is....you put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your left foot in, then you shake it all about.

UYM West
Oh no, I've been caught hijacking a thread, which is a clear violation of Universal Message Board Etiquette.  It's a good thing that she's retired from politics, or I could have been flagged for another personal foul.  I'm actually hoping that she'll come out of retirement and run for president.  I'd tell you why, but that might draw another penalty.

Herby, you should be thanking me for stirring up interest in this thread.  So far, all you've gotten are two fans from the lowly Big Ten and somebody who doesn't even like sports.  We're being put out of business by facebook!

Oops, and one Big Easterner.  Sorry Susan, but your posts are so long that I never have time to read them!

Now that's funny right there!!!!!!!!

I've never seen Gary Lee Kennedy speechless, much less back tracking like this.

Beetie, I think you got him.

I'm ready for some football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UYM Ouest
Back tracking?  Nobody's back tracking.  I was merely proving that any crazy lunatic can attract a following on the internet.  For example, there's this one advice columnist who........oh, never mind.

Herby, you know perfectly well that we can't discuss politics on this message board.  Certainly, the last thing that we want to do around here is offend anyone.  That's precisely why I chose to reference someone whose political career is OVER!
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