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That's precisely why I chose to reference someone whose political career is OVER!

Over where? Over there? Over HERE? Over in DC? Keep helping our cause.  CAUSE, she will get more votes than all football fans, promoters, players thrown together in a Igloo. Self: I like to be a participate: I like dog sledding races.

One more day till bowl season starts!!!

The recliner is ready. The sweet tea will be made. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Let the games begin!!!!
3 games down, 31 to go.

Swami's record currently stands at 1-2.

I can't believe you picked against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders from Murfreesboro.  Nobody can stop the one-two punch of Mickey Harris and Brie Farkosh.

Swami, we're going to need you to step it up because .333 just won't get it done.  Don't expect me to help you in the Poinsettia Bowl.  The Utes always win when they come to San Diego.

You'd better get some wins this week to make up for your ill-advised Rose Bowl prediction.

Ouch...took a hit this weekend, but the "Swami" is expecting to make up ground as the bowls unravel. I was happy to see Wyoming and Dave Christianson get a win. (Dave was the Mizzou offensive coordinator before taking over the helm at Wyoming this year)

Middle Tenn was a surprise as well. I didn't think they would be able stop S. Miss.

Of course, I do feel more comfortable with my Rose, Fiesta, Gator, etc...picks.

ORS....thanks for keeping me updated on my numbers.

I must say that I am more than amazed that the O.R.S. has forgotten his many recent lessons of tangling with an SEC defense.

And while I readily admit that Bevo is, bar none,  the best college mascot in the land, my beloved herd of pachyderms will maketh Bevo lie down in green pastures for the duration of the second half. And his cup will runneth over with a Crimson Tide in the 4th quarter as we mercilessly grind his butt up into hamburger as we have so many opponents this season. Little Timmy Tebow is still crying in disbelief on Urban Meyer's shoulder.

Bama 28, Texas 17

And we win our 13th National Championship.

Roll Tide!

BOLD prediction Bama. It could happen though.

I do recall a couple of years ago a team called USC had a vaunted defense, and an offense that couldn't be stopped by anybody, and Texas won the game. Most folks figured USC would win by 30 or more. Be careful!!!! I know the offense played well against Florida, but that will be over a month ago when the title game is played. Offenses have a tendency to be a little out of sink with a lay off. Texas on the other hand, wakes up in the morning with 40 points in their pocket, and and figuring out a way to extend it to 50.

It is safe to say, that Alabama has not faced a QB the caliber of Colt McCoy. Tebow ain't even close. Colt should have won the Heisman. The Horns are stout in all facets of their game as well. No weaknesses.

Should be a good game. A game I think will be closer than you think.
Jimmy the

Swami's not doing so well.  Wyoming beat Fessno.  Rutgers wins in a not so close one and Middle Tennessee beats Southern Mississippi pretty bad.  Hope you get on a roll here 'cause you're off to a bad start.

It is safe to say, that Alabama has not faced a QB the caliber of Colt McCoy. Tebow ain't even close. Colt should have won the Heisman. The Horns are stout in all facets of their game as well. No weaknesses.

I must admit that I am basing much of my prediction on the following factors, but I feel very strongly about these points:

1) Texas vs. Texas A&M (the unranked Aggies hung 39 on the "vaunted" Longhorn defense.)

2) Texas vs. Nebraska (held Colt McCoy and the "vaunted" Longhorn offense to 10 until the final two seconds. Texas should have lost that game because of Colt McCoy ... which is probably why McCoy didn't win the Heisman.)

3) Nick Saban - Best coaching mind in football at any level.


But I am glad to see that you stuck with a real winner in your original predictions, Swami. Your choice of The Crimson Tide will bolster your final winning percentage. Welcome aboard.   

Oh Bama....those that live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. I will agree with some of what you said, but can counter with others.

If I recall, the Bama boy that won the Heisman, had a huge 30 yd output the week before Colt had an AVG. game by his standards. Most QB's would take those numbers each week, which includes the Bama QB. He only wishes he could have a "poor" game like Colt did. I think he's only had 1 game with better numbers all year.

Colt should have won it, and Sue from Nebraska should have been 2nd, with the Bama Boy coming in 3rd. Heck, the Bama boy didn't even lead the nation in rushing. The QB touches the ball on 99% of the plays, and starts the offense in motion. How many times the RB touch the ball in a game. 20-25? Roughly half the plays run.  Anyway, that's over with....next point.

I've got news for you. The Aggies are going to lay some big numbers on lots of people. The Texas D-coordinator already took the blame for that game. He tried an experiment with his defense, that didn't work....next

Saban is the best coach in college football, but Bo Pellini (Nebraska Head Coach) is the best defensive mind in the business. He was the D-coordinator at Nebraska when they were good, and left for LSU. He successfully built defenses there that were in a couple of BCS Championship games, while Bama was struggling to play .500 football. He went back to the Huskers as the Head Coach last year, and his defense has finally gelled in the last part of the season. Check some stats. Their better than Bama's the last 5 games of the year.

So, in conclusion....Not so fast my friend on the "Checkmate"

I do think Bama has a higher % of winning the title than the Horns, (That's why I picked them) but I think it will be much closer than you think, and don't be surprised if the Horns win. I won't be!!!!!
I must say that I am more than amazed that our distinguished photographer friend has forgotten his recent lesson of tangling with a Mountain West Conference defense.

Bowl Championship Series Victories
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY-4 (tied for second most of all schools)
University of Alabama-0 (tied with San Diego State)

Why do I get the feeling that our distinguished colleague from the great state of Alabama is about to lay some meaningless ancient history on us?

Well, the Las Vegas Bowl was about as exciting as a Carrot Top show.  Fortunately, there were some great college basketball games on TV tonight, so the great RHONDA VINCENT had something to watch.

The Mountain West Conference continues its dominance of the bowl season and the Swami drops to 1-3.  Thirty games to go.
Unfortunately, things aren't going so well for the swami. I've had so many things going on, I haven't been able to focus on the games.

First, I had to get Sallys teeth yanked out. Then my attention was derailed by the idiots in Washington and health care. Then I had to pick up Tensel from the airport. Then I had to write Ben Nelson a letter asking him not to vote for the lame HC bill, that will cost billions, and won't help anybody. Then I had to wrap presents. Then I had to console my poor parents, when they found out their medicare is going to be cut by 470 billion. Then I had to.....well you get the picture. I don't know who put this "Gomer" in office, but just remember, I told you to be careful what you wish for....you might just get it, and now it looks like you, I, and everyone else will. I am NOT a happy camper right now!!!!!! 

Starting this Sunday, I will be able to give it my undivided attention. The kids and the wife will be gone, the remote will be where it should be, and my recliner won't have someone elses butt in it. I will then be able to devote my full attention to the important things in life. The Bowl games. Things will turnaround for the old Swami. Not all the news can be bad all the time.
I'm in your camp about the screwballs in washington. Especially Nelson and the Huskeraid! Doesn't seem like people go out there to do good for the people anymore. Maybe a couple good Ol boys from the midwest should run. I seem to remember somthing about "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Have a Great weekend!

Rageland Statistician
Dear Swami,

Somehow, I suspect that more than one member of your delightful family may have left the dentist's office with a shortage of wisdom in their head.

As you know, I never discuss politics or current politicians on this message board.  However, I do share your concern for the millions of our fellow citizens who don't have access to decent healthcare when they need it.  Just to throw out a random hypothetical example, if a mother of five suddenly quit her job last summer to avoid numerous ethics violations charges, what would happen to her family?  Would they all lose their government-run healthcare plan that they were so happy to accept, provided that regular working people weren't given the same privileges?

And now, back to football.......

Swami, I always follow your bowl predictions quite closely, primarily because it helps me know which teams to bet against.  However, I'm beginning to see the signs of a very dangerous trend that I sincerely hope won't continue.  You seem to be blaming everyone but yourself for your slow start.  I've always known you to be a stand up guy, so I hope that you will have the class to take responsibility for your own mistakes.  Otherwise, instead of calling you "Swami", I'm afraid that "someone" in the media will nickname you "Sarah Favre".

Well, the blimp just flew over my house, so it must be time to go watch the defending national champion Utah Utes.
And the answer is.....go buy her own insurance!!!! You see Stats, this is the problem in todays society. Everyone wants to rely on someone else to GIVE them something for free. It doesn't work like that. You go out and WORK, and EARN your own way.

I was employed by a financial  planning firm, and an insurance co. many years ago. Most folks I spoke with were relying on their employer to proivide them with their retirement. Suddenly, they would get laid off, or their position would be eliminated, and they had nothing. The moral of this story???? You can only rely on what you do for yourself, and anything else is gravy...ie SS, Compay benefits etc...

There's too many people in Ca....I mean the country that are walking around with their hand out expecting the government to help them, or in most cases take care of them completely. Doesn't work like that. I realize it's the Democrats way of doing things, (spending money we don't have, entitlements, taxing, and creating debt we'll never be able to pay for.) but it has to stop. This stupid so called HC plan benefits nobody, and puts us further in debt. In reality, it will hurt those that they think they are going to help. I'm so ticked off right now, I really don't care who reads this, or what their opinion is. I've never been so upset about something in my life. Harry Reid, Pelosi, and Obama, need to be taken to the woodshed, with Dear Herby waiting there for them. They would have a  real good understanding about things when I got done with them. I'd open a can of you know what, and spread it all over them.  My blood pressure has been at an all time high since Sunday. I need some relief. Let "Yo Mama Obama" come over and pitch some hoops with me. I'll teach him some post moves he'll never forget!!!!!!

"Bowling in Altoona"  is beginning to look like a major accomplishment.

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