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Rageland Stats
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.........and reality.

The Mountain West Conference continues to dazzle the college football world with a 3-0 record as the Swami plummets to the Mendoza Line with a mark of 1-4.

Swami, I'm sure that your critics will give you a hard time for being wrong on 80% of your picks, but I prefer to see things in a positive light.  So far, you've been right 20% of the time and that's 20% better than you're doing on political issues. 

Have a happy anniversary!
LOL Stats.....I think if you poll American citzens, they will tell you that you are now the minority, and I'm in the majority by a long way.

But enough of that political garbage. It's Christmas, and the Swami is feeling lucky. I really don't feel like I'll stay at 20% for much longer.

I woke up this morning, and rolled over and looked at my wife, and told her..."You don't know how lucky you are." What an anniversary present.

I think my mojo is back!!!!

 Nevada will get a big win for the Swami tonight, and all will be right with the world.

GP....I'm not sure Vegas has set any odds on bowling in Altoona. Maybe if I knew the participants, I could give you a sure fire lock.
Mike Garlock
Dear Swami,

    It's a good thing your Wife is Lucky cause Nevada is getting their butts kicked 38-3...Mike G.
SMU-45  Nevada-10

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see this thriller.  It sounds like it was anybody's game right up until the national anthem.

The Swami limps into the Christmas break with a 1-5 record for a 17% Approval Rating.  That reminds me, what ever became of dick cheney? 

Three more big games on Saturday.  Stay tuned to see if the legendary Bluegrass Cruise Specialist can rescue this sinking ship.

In a related development, my Rose Bowl tickets have arrived.  We're in the 6th row, which isn't ideal for viewing, but at least we're close to THE OHIO STATE bench.  This will make it easy for me to send in plays to Tressel.  I should be able to get Erin Andrews to relay my instructions.

Swami, take the day off tomorrow and try to get focused.  You can still turn it around.

This one sure blind sided me....I watched this game with great anticipation and enthusiasm that Nevada would bring up my numbers. The polls aren't good right now. (Obama knows all about this) I'll need to check my crystal ball and see what the future holds for the old Swami. Lots of games left. Plenty of time to rebound.

Speaking of rebounding, have you checked the NCAA Basketball Polls GLK? Big 12.....1&2.  Mizzou had an impressive win on Wednesday on National TV against the Illini on a neutral court in St. Louis.

The Tigers are very young this year, and probably won't make it to the tournament, but look out the next 2 years. They have their best recruiting class in the past 20 years coming next year, and their current players will have another year of experience under their belts.

GP....I'm not sure Vegas has set any odds on bowling in Altoona. Maybe if I knew the participants, I could give you a sure fire lock
Boy, is my face read! I read page 2 and thought the thread was about predicting inept politician's ability to govern by their bowling score!

Obama Bowl-A-Rama: Watch The Gutterballs Roll - The Huffington Post ... Obama went bowling in Altoona, PA on a campaign stop, and proved one thing he's ...

How bad is 37 really? ... 2:42. Barack Obama Bowling Tip. 2,719 views ... LMAO - "it's HARD to not bowl that LOW" - while Obama was trying his best! ...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjCNcppRL1s - 92k - Cached

I should have known better considering that the college football bowl season is Rhonda Vincent's favorite time of the year.

Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    Don't hold your Breath on 1 & 2 for long my boy.  The Big East has 5 of the top 14 Teams.  Then you have Kentucky, Purdue, Duke, etc...all coming at the top two spots.  It's going to be fun to watch.  Mike G.
Who's your Daddy now!!!!

The Swami was 3 for 3 today. This will help the avg. Still have a ways to go, but definitely on the right track. If Clemson wins on Sunday, we'll be back to .500. Got to get there before we can go higher.

Hammer...I agree. This could be the best amount of upper echelon basketball teams we've seen in many years. I've seen Texas and KU. Tough choice on who is #1...both are very tough. Both have played top caliber teams. Texas may have the edge in my books thus far. They are strong inside and out.

Mizzou doesn't have an inside game, but they can shoot the rock.

The Swami surges to a 4-5 record.

The momentum has shifted, the pendulum has swung, the worm has turned.......add your own cliche here.

Who's your Swami?

It appears that the Swami has found his game after a terrible start due to a lack of respect for the Mountain West Conference.  It's a long season, and it's certainly possible to overcome a slow start.  For example.......

San Diego Chargers Bolt...

Okay, let's try this one:

The Swami is now 4-0 since he cleverly tried to change the subject to basketball.  To answer your question, I never look at polls, so I had no idea that Kansas and Texas were ranked #1 & #2.  Cupcake season is almost over, and conference play starts Thursday, so it's time to get serious.
Michigan St???? North Carolina??? hmmmmmm I'll remember these cupcakes later in the year. Check your stats....I think the Big 12 has the best overall record in the nation.

Now, back to football. Yes, the Swami is on a 4 game winning streak, and planning on making it 5 before the night is over.

Go Aggies!!!!
Never doubt the Swami...With the Georgia victory tonight, the Swami is now at 60%. Considering we started at 1-4, winning 5 in a row, and getting above the mendoza line, we're feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Go Canes!!! Go Temple!!!!
Ragin' Stats
Swami, you stick to prognosticating and I'll handle the statistics.  Do you see that 5-5 record three posts above this one?  Tonight's win brings your record to 6-5, which is not 60%.  However, I will concede that you're on a roll, baked right with Martha White.

I can't believe that I'm wasting this much time following your predictions of meaningless exhibition games, but at least it's better than playing Typing Maniac or Farmville!
OK Stats.....54%....I was just roughing the figures in my head last night, when I came up with 60%.
Now get back to your typing games!!!!
Make sure you root for the Owls and Canes today as well. Lots of folks rely on these predictions to help pay for their taxes, HC, etc...with a shrinking dollar they work hard for.
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