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It actually rounds off to 55%.  You're always understating your accomplishments.

I can root for the Owls, but definitely not the 'Canes.  Good luck!
Mike Garlock
Evening Swami,

    How do you see the start of the Big East play Tonight?  Syracuse vs. Seton Hall?  Mike G.
It's a "pick em" game. Too close to call. Since the Hammer is a big fan of the 'Cuse, I'll take em!!!!

Stats....I don't know about the calculators in the left coast, but the ones here in Missouri say 54% right on the money. Let me explain how it works. You see, 6-5 equals 11. Take 6 and divide it by 11...the answer is 54% or, you could take 6 to the 3rd degree (600) and divide it by 1100, and the answer is still 0.54 or 54%
You see, I took readin' ritin' and rithmatic in school. I didn't even have to take shoes off to cypher this either.

Maybe Herby can do some "gazintas" for us too!!

Arithmetic for Beginners
Swami, what was the name of that school?  I'm afraid that you were one child left behind.  Just because you're wrong about every single political issue, that doesn't excuse your fuzzy math.  Trust me, I have no interest in padding your stats.

6 divided by 11 equals .54545454545454545454545454...

To convert it to a percentage, move the decimal point two places to the right and you get 54.54545454545454...%

.54545454545454 is greater than .5, therefore, to get a percentage without any decimal points, you round up to 55%.

Now getting back to football, the Swami's winning streak came to a screeching halt today with a pair of defeats.  It appears that he may have gotten caught reading his press clippings (all of which were self-composed, but they still count as press clippings).

Current record: 6-7 or 46.1538462%

I apologize for being so late with tonight's Swami Report.  I was distracted by all of the big-time basketball matchups, like Kansas vs. Belmont and Texas vs. Gardner-Webb.

In a related development, I decided to only work a half-day today rather than risk an injury before the Rose Bowl.  Whatever you do, don't tell Linda Reath!


Mike Garlock
UYM West,

    The Swami is 100% with his College Basketball Predictions, so he obviously has Superior Round Ball Prediction Skills.  UYM East
Live report from the Holiday Bowl:

7 minutes remaining


The fans have all left, the scoreboard operator is bored, and Erin Andrews is drenched.

The Swami goes to 7-8

Any questions about the Nebraska defense? Like I said. They have been the #1 defense in the country the last 5 games of the year.

Those of you that wondered why Texas had a tough time, should have watched tonights game. Total domination!! Offense...defense...special teams...and final score.

Swami, you seem to be overlooking the real reason for Nebraska's success.  Head Coach Bo Pelini is a former safety and co-captain for THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  On that note....... get it?  I said "note" as if this is supposed to be some sort of musical website...... I'll step aside and let somebody else handle the Swami Report for a couple of days.  Happy Next Year!!!

I bet GLK is having a ball in Pasadena. His Buckeyes are up by 6 at halftime,  the Swami has struggled this whole bowl season, and he has a Democratic congress and President. He's got the world by the tail.

Oh well, I guess every dog has his day!!!!

Mike B.....Congrats on the Auburn win. Didn't think it was going to happen for awhile. Their defense played about as bad as Mizzou's did.

Maybe the Hawkeyes will win as well tomorrow. That would be the worst of all possibilities for the Swami.

2010 is getting off to a rough start. Baseball starts in 3 months.

Go Cards!!!!!
Mike B

Thank you, Swami.  I'm pretty sure I had a couple of heart attacks during the Auburn-Northwestern game!  It would have been humiliating for an SEC team to lose to a Big 10 team.

Cincinnati?? Really?? I hope that 51-24 curbstomping puts an end to that silly argument. And it really wasn't anywhere near that close.

Oh, and congrats to the OSU Buckeyes. Well-played!  
That's right...go ahead and kick the Swami while you got him down.
Speaking of kicking people when you have them down, wonder if THE Official kicker had too much seeweed juice at the game. Haven't heard a word out of him...(Which is shocking)...He's getting older, and probably can't handle 2 days of partying in a row anymore. I hear seaweed juice on the rocks can be quite potent.

The problem with picking all of these bowl games when they are first announced, is the fact I don't take in all the coach firings, resignations, players being suspended, etc...It can have a dramatic effect on the game.
If I had waited till the day before on this game for instance, I probably would have picked Florida as well. Especially after Urban Meyers song and dance to motivate his team...Cincy coach leaves for ND. Asst. coach that assumes the head coaches job, takes the Buffalo job. When you're dealing with 19, 20, 21 yr old kids, it can have a huge effect on them. The Cincy kids played very uninspired last night, and that had nothing to do with Florida. If all things would have been equal, or the same as when the bowl pairings came out, you would have seen a completely different game than the one that was played last night.
Bama, you're lucky that wasn't the Tide on the otherside of the ball last night. Florida would have sent you home with your tail tucked between your legs, and sqealing for your mama's.
On the rocks???  Swami, no self-respecting left-wing socialist hippie new age vegan tree-hugging progressive secular humanist would drink seaweed juice on the rocks!  That's the most ridiculous thing that we've heard from you since you picked the Cincinnati Bearcats.  They couldn't have won that game if Knute Rockne was their coach.

With two games left today, the Swami currently holds a record of 12-16.  He will need to win all six remaining games to finish with a winning record.

Swami, as you know, I have always defended your honor against your many critics.  I'll try to get approval from the committee to let you make your picks a day or two before each game next year.  I'm not sure how much of a factor the coaching turmoil has been, but we don't want to hear any more excuses.  It's difficult enough to know how these adolescent athletes are going to perform, even when they don't have four or five weeks off to get in a bar fight or flunk a basket weaving class.  Even though I had the time of my life at the Rose Bowl, I still think the whole system should be dumped and replaced with a 16-team tournament.

Thanks, Bama!  Your team deserves to be ranked #1, but I suspect that Texas is going to give them a battle.  Good luck, play hard, keep it clean, and may the team with the most points win!

Brownie, I was very disappointed that Northwestern gave that game away to the War Eagles.  In the past ten years, the SEC has a 15-14 lead over the Big Ten in bowl games.  I'll concede that the SEC is the best conference, but I don't think it's quite as big a gap as some people seem to think.  The SEC gets the edge for their success in championship games (a fact of which I am painfully aware), but when you get down to these low level games like Auburn-Northwestern, it's pretty even.

But enough of this nonsense.  I need to get back to celebrating the Rose Bowl victory by THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES !!!!!
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