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My apologies GLK. I forgot you prefer it straight up.

I'm glad you had a good time in Pasadena. Did I see THE Ohio St. BB team get a spanking recently? I thought I saw something scroll across the bottom of the screen on the TV. Maybe I was wrong.

I'll have you know, I've watched all, or parts of every bowl game this season. Most of them I have watched in their entirety. No wife, no kids, and a dozen  AA batteries for the remote. It's been football heaven. My recliner has a permanent indentation from my buttocks. The sweet tea has been flowing. Lettuce salads daily. Treadmill during halftime. It's a good thing there has been football on...it's been way too cold to do anything else. Supposed to get down to -10 again tonight. It was noon today before it got above 0. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I sure wish I was in Sodus, Ny, or even up in the igloo with 86 & 99. It has to be warmer there.

Every time the Swami hits a bump in the road, he suddenly changes the subject to basketball.  Yes, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY got blown out at WisconSIN in their Big Ten opener.  I was optimistic about a run at the Big Ten title, but it's not going to happen now that our best player, Evan Turner, is out for two months.  Not to make excuses, but they were depending on him to do everything.  He was averaging 18 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists......and he's the point guard.  The other players look lost without him.  He's supposed to be back February 1st, so a March run is still possible.

Now getting back to football, I was very proud of the BUCKEYES, especially how they closed out the 4th quarter.  I must confess that I got caught up in the fervor of behaving like a raving lunatic.  Most of you have only seen me at RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE  concerts, where I tend to terrorize anyone who dares to make a sound, but this is a completely different activity.  Next game is September 4th against Marshall.  Swami, I would really appreciate it if you could pick the Thundering Herd to win.

Rhonda, you'll be happy to know that college football ends on Thursday......and the professional football playoffs start two days later!

Current record for the Great Swami:



You're right Swami, it is warmer here ... still shorts and t-shirt weather ... Right now it 8 degrees F.  Just thinking about going for a swim.  I'm sure winter will soon hit us though.  The sled dogs are getting antsy! 
It is with a great deal of sadness that I announce today's numbers.  Not only was last night's Frog boiling a huge disappointment for the Mountain West Conference, but it also clinched a losing record for the Great Swami and guaranteed that he cannot become bowl eligible.  Now I'm sure that the critics and skeptics will use this opportunity to kick the Swami while he's down, but I would never stoop to that level.  In fact, I can say unequivocably that I have as much confidence in the Swami's powers now as I ever have.

With three games remaining, the Swami's record stands at:

2009/and the first part of 2010 has to be the worst time of my life, bar none.

First, the country is in the biggest mess its ever been in thanks to the folks in Washington DC.

Second, the bowl season has been absolutely horrible for the Swami, and tonight just capped it off. Iowa wins the Orange Bowl. THE Ohio St. wins the Rose. Mizzou loses to Navy. The Swami is below .500. Can it get any worse?

Oh yea, GLK is the happiest guy on the planet. Just win you thought it couldn't get any worse....

Congrats buddy!!! It's been a great year for you!!!!

The Swami will officially resign from his position as bowl prognosticator as of today!!

You'll have to kick someone else around next year. I'm retired!!!
No, you can't quit now, Swami.  The fun is just starting.  Besides, you're still 13-for-32.  That's a .375 batting average.  If you were playing baseball, you'd be on your way to the Hall of Fame. 

Once again, the Swami pays the price for his inexplicable lack of respect for the Big Ten.  Look on the bright side, Swami.  Your numbers aren't very good, but they Palin comparison to how often you're wrong about politics. 

Only two more games, Rhonda........then the NFL playoffs start.......and again I say  !!! 
Okay, football fans ... it is now a little over 24 hours before the College Football's National Championship will be played. Two storied programs, rich in tradition. An 'All-World' quarterback in Texas' Colt McCoy against the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner, Alabama's Mark Ingram. I don't expect anything less than a brilliant game of smashmouth football from both teams.

In the end, I don't expect this game to be as close as the 5 point betting line. Texas may have the best rushing defense in the nation, but they have not faced anyone like Alabama who can reload at will ... at almost any skilled position. Only at QB would Bama be in serious jeopardy should McElroy go down with an injury. In my opinion, Texas is a one-dimensional football team, and McCoy cannot win this game alone.

In the end, Bama's physical superiority will be the difference ... just as it has been all year long. When the final whistle blows, Alabama will own its 13th National Championship.

Bama 27, Texas 17

Don't believe me? Then just ask my little buddy, Cooper!     


I'm with Cooper...What a cutie!!!!!!!

Mike B
I'm for AUBURN and everyone who plays alabama!
Now, Mike ... we SEC fans should stick together. I'll have you know I was cheering Aubie on against Northwestern, and you managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat ... but by the skin of your teeth.

And even tonight, I am delighting in our little brother from downstate, the Troy University Trojans. I grew up about 30 miles south of Troy in Enterprise. In those days, Troy (known as Troy State in those days) was nothing more than a little 2-year community college that drew students from as far north as Montgomery, as far south as Dothan, and as far west as Andalusia. But look at little brother now. Even if they lose this game tonight (and they may well given the 95 yard KO return I just saw), they are certainly on the map in college football. And that is much more than I can say for UAB.

So you go right ahead and root for the Longhorns. We'll see y'all next year in Tuscaloosa.

This is Big 12 country....Hook 'em Horns!!!!! Beat 'Bama....Send them back to Tuscy with their tails between their legs!!!!!!

Cooper is still a cutie though!!!!!!

That sure looks like a Buckeye jersey that Cooper is wearing

Mike B
I agree with you about Troy, Bama.  Pat Dye protege Larry Blakeney led the Trojans out of the wilderness and made them a force to be reckoned with. I remember Troy as a sleepy little town I passed through on the way to the beach.
Cooper looks precious!  A Southern child that cute would NEVER wear a Buckeye jersey!
Mike, you would be correct except for one thing ... NO child in Alabama would ever be caught wearing an Ohio State jersey. You don't even see very many sporting a UAB jersey!

And just to put those rumors to rest, here is a shot of Cooper showing his true colors.

Mary G

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