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Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!  Cooper is a cutie, but that name still brings back bad memories.  Whenever anyone complains about Jim Tressel (which is completely ridiculous under any circumstances), I have to remind them of what things were like under John Cooper.  Only 3 Big Ten titles in 13 seasons, a 3-8 bowl record, and 2-10-1 against the evil empire.  In 9 seasons, Tressel has 6 Big Ten titles, a national championship, 5-4 bowl record (including 4-3 in BCS games), and more importantly than all of that combined, he's 8-1 against the amazed and blew.  People complain that Tressel is too conservative (just like the POTUS), but he's still a billion times better than his predecessor (just like the POTUS).`

The Swami gets a huge double overtime win to improve his record to 14-19.  Now, only the Alabama Crimson Tide can keep him from becoming the first Rager to ever lose 20 games in one season.  I don't particularly care who wins, and I don't do predictions because it's much more fun to wait until it's over and then pick on the Swami.  There's no denying that these are two of the most successful programs in college football history, so I hope it's a thriller.

Congratulations to Alabama for winning the national title and to Texas for a gutsy performance under very difficult circumstances.  As an impartial observer, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see Colt McCoy face the Crimson Tide defense.  We'll never know if he could have changed the outcome, but injuries are a part of the game, and Alabama won fair and square.  You never want to see anyone get hurt, especially when it's the most important player on the field.  You just never know what's going to happen in these games and that's why we watch sports instead of the Lifetime Channel (I think that's going to be a chapter in Herby's next book).

The Swami finishes strong for a 15-19 record.  In fairness to the Swami, picking bowl game winners is very difficult and it's doubtful that any of us could have done much better.  These games are designed to be even matchups and many of them went down to the last play or even into overtime.  With the long layoffs, you get coaching turmoil, player suspensions and varying degrees of motivation.

Now that we no longer have the Swami to kick around, I guess I'll have to find another hobby.  It's t-shirt weather so maybe I'll go outside for a walk.  Already, I'm hearing clamoring for the Swami to come out of retirement and make a Favre-like comeback next year.  (It is my understanding that the clamoring began in Smithville, TN.)  Come back, Swami, we need you!
Yes, GLK ... a great game, and not only because Bama won. It was a great game from start to finish ... Texas never quit, and for that, I salute them. I am very proud of Alabama, though ... these guys worked their collective tails off for this championship. And for them to have accomplished it only 3 years after Saban's arrival in Tuscaloosa is nothing short of miraculous. And so the 2009-2010 season is in the books.

But now ... something very interesting has arisen, and only the day after the BCS Championship Game. It looks as though speculation has begun on next season, and you will be thrilled to know that our respective teams are ranked #1 & #2 in one writer's poll.


Now, if this works out in the cosmic manner of things, I propose a friendly wager should both Bama and OSU make it to the BCS Championship next season.

As you are a non-meat eater (or so I've read), I propose that should Bama lose to the Buckeyes, I would ship to you via Fed Ex Next Day Air, a full bushel of the sweetest, juiciest of the world-famous Chilton County peaches grown right here in Sweet Home Alabama.

Now, if you were/are indeed a meat-eater, I would substitute 2 slabs of Dreamland pork ribs, known far and wide amongst celebrity sports types who frequent the restaurant on their visits here in Tuscaloosa. Those ribs are so good, they could convert a vegetarian ... I'd practically guarantee it! As they say, 'Ain't nuthin' like 'em nowhere!'

So, if Bama should win, you tell me what you and your region has to offer in return, but be advised that I am a PETA member (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals), so no kelp for me, dried or otherwise.

Lots of 'ifs' here, and a long way to go ... but if we both get there, this could be a lot of fun! 

Whaddya say?

Mike B

GLK - you need to jump on this wager real fast and hope that THE OSU wins!  I have eaten BOTH of these culinary delights and can vouch for Bama's description.  Dreamland ribs are too good to describe with mere words...facial expressions and facial BBQ sauce tell the whole story!  Go for it!!!

Bama, I think you're delerious from too much celebrating.  That poll is worth about as much as a politician's promise (except for Herby's pal, Jay Nixon, of course).  This is obviously another SEC trick to get me to lose focus.  OHIO STATE's next game is September 4th against Marshall, and I refuse to look past that one.  I'm even going to try to convince the Swami to pick the Thundering Herd.

Of your two choices, I can assure you that peaches sound much better than something that might be the subject of a Carolyn Vincent hit song.  However, since I work in collegiate athletics, the NCAA forbids me to place any bets, even a seemingly harmless friendly wager like you are proposing (I'm actually being serious now).  Anyway, thanks for the offer.  I certainly hope that columnist is right, or at least right about #2.

Now, I suggest that you get back to the celebration and enjoy it while you can.  Next season will be here before you know it.  Congratulations again!

Now that Alabama has become the first team in college football history to simultaneously break the Heisman Hex and the Swami Curse, it is time for the First Annual Swami Awards, as presented by his favorite athletic supporter.....me!
Best Scoreboard at a Bowl Game:
Poinsettia Bowl and Holiday Bowl (Tie)
Worst Scoreboard at a Bowl Game:
Rose Bowl .  They didn't even give the scores of the other games.  When I got home that night I still didn't know anything about the other New Year's Day games.  That actually worked out well, because I had recorded ABC all day, so I watched the Penn State-LSU game that night.  As expected, the Big Ten school annihilated the team from the SEC.
Worst Coaching Decision:
Alabama's fake punt.
Best Coaching Decision:
Boise State's fake punt.
Best Fan Performance:
GLK's sprint to the men's room during the third quarter break at the Rose Bowl without missing a single play.
Politician with Best Musical Taste:
Jay Nixon Obviously
Swami's Most Ridiculous Statement (political statements not eligible):
"SC is finally in a bowl they can win."  Now I'm no USC fan by any means, but prior to this season, the Trojans had been in 7 consecutive BCS games and won 6 of them.  Granted, most of those wins were virtual home games against the second best team in the Big Ten.  We all saw what happens when the Big Ten gets to send its strongest team to the Rose Bowl.
Swami's Most Intelligent Decision:
Appointing yours truly as Political Director for UYM.  No explanation needed.
Swami's Worst Prediction:
Cincinnati.  It's easy to criticize the Swami after a game has been played, but this one had me scratching my head as soon as I saw it.  This should have been the easiest pick of all the cereal bowls, even without the Urban Meyer situation.  The Big East is great basketball conference.  Anyone who thought that the Bearcats were going to win this game probably shouldn't be trusted on any foreign or domestic policy issues. 
Swami's Best Prediction:
Auburn.  Nobody believed that a weak 3-5 Auburn squad belonged on the same field with a team from the powerful Big Ten.  Only the Swami could have predicted that Northwestern would gift wrap that game, tie it with a Bo, and hand it over to Running Backwards U.
Team with Worst Breakfast Nutrition:
 michigan.  They never eat cereal because they can't get to a bowl.
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