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Rv in the Kitchen

I went to the store and bought ALL NEW ingredients.

Here's what I've done so far:

Dissolved 2 pkgs yeast in 2 1/2 c. of 110 degree F water.

( I even checked the water temp with a candy thermometer.)

Then dissolved  1/2 c. white sugar in the yeast water.

Stirred in 3 T. Crisco shortening, softened,
1 t. salt, and 2 c. flour.

Then I added 4 1/2 more cups of flour by adding them 1/2 c. at a time, and beating the dough well.

I warmed my oven to 170 degrees F. then turned if off,
and kneaded the dough for 8 minutes while the oven warmed, cause it's 65 degrees in this house, and I thought that would be too cold for the bread to raise in. 

I put a damp cloth over the bowl, and now the dough is resting in the oven. 

Let's hope THIS one will raise. 

Dear Herby

Bad news again!!!! The Queen is napping, and the bread is just sitting there. Didn't rise. Not sure how much more flower I can afford before she gets this right!!!!


Rhonda, the bread didn't rise this time?? send me the recipe I want to make it.  our house is probably 65 or lower... I like to  make  yeast goodies when I can put outside in my car( my personal stuff) it really rises very nicely! grandmother recipe worked didn't it? did you eat it before? has mother Carolyn made it!  I hate when recipes don't turn out the way they are suppose to. I tried one once  so many times, I finally ask somebody about the recipe..guess what ..some items were left out!  email me the recipe )  tell Herby your not Betty Crocker your Martha White!LOL

Rv in the Kitchen
Dear Herby was WRONG!! 

He just didn't know when I put it in to rest and raise!

I'm SO excited.  The 2nd batch rose nicely.

I punched it down, (like I'd like to punch some other people that we know sometimes )))))  and now it's raising for the second time.

Waiting for that, then I'll be ready to try my hand at the baking! 

Here's a thought, could the constant noise of football games interfere with the raising of the bread???  

Sure enjoyed a nice nap.     

I'm gonna go check on the raising of the bread!  Thanks for all your help.

Dear Herby
Good thing I got home and turned the football game when i did, or the bread would have never raised!!!!! (Actually, I put some Miracle Grow on it)

That stuff works every time!!!!

So is Rhonda watching football or the bread raise

The Ol' Dawg

Sounds like the only thang the Queen

is raisin' is "Cain" at Herby !!!



Rv in the Kitchen
Suzy Q...you KNOW I'm not watching football. And unfortunately I have to hear the NOISE it makes. 
Rv in the Kitchen
S U C C E S S.....

Ooooo Nice!!  That looks yummy!!  I bet beating the tar out of that bread would be a great stress reliever!

I've got a couple of questions:

1.) How long did it take for the dough to rise?

2.) How many times do you have to let it rise, work the dough again, and then let it rise? Just once?

3.) What kind of yeast did you use?  

I've been wanting to try baking my own gluten free bread now that I found an all purpose gluten free flour I can use.  This would be a great stress relieving project!

It took a couple hours for the dough to raise.

You mix it, let it rise, punch it down, let it rise a second time, then bake.

I bought the new yeast at our Aldi grocery story.

Good Luck!

May I say you have some nice loaves?     
Morning Rhonda,

    I had 14 Loaves let over from our Rotary Pasta Supper last Night.  They were headed for the UPS Store tomorrow Morning if you were still having trouble!  Mike G.
Mike G.

Can you tell I'm still sleepin'.  Mike G.

Rv in the Kitchen

Tho it STILL doesn't have the taste Grandma Suiter's had.

I'm gonna keep baking, till I get it perfected.  I think she put a whole cup of sugar in. I'm gonna try that next time.

AND, the recipe said to heat the over to 425, then lower it to 375 to actually bake it. I didn't read that part, so they got a bit brown too quickly. 

But there IS improvement!!! 

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