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Well I gave it a try this morning, and I was really pleased with the results!  I combined what I learned from this thread with a recipe I had.  I think I found the secret to getting it to rise well...bluegrass music! I finally was able to listen to the Track by Track on XM. I think that was the key ingredient.

My friend Clarence told me that if pharmacy doesn't work out, I should open up a bakery. He obviously hasn't tried anything else I've cooked.

Thanks for the tips! It is YUMMY!

Way to go Courtney!!  Come on over and bake me a loaf. 
Homemade Cranberry Bread anyone??  

Rhonda, the bread looks great....No matter how many times you make it..the bread will not taste the same as grandmaw's!! I know! my grandmother was a wonderful cook..and used a wood stove! she passed in 1967.

Courtney , you did great... must been the pharmacy school that helps the first time making bread!

 Julia, your looks soo yummy...you can add all sorts of goodies to bread..

 Love hot bread & butter... girls , yall have made me wanting to make some fresh bread this week!!!!
Professor Ron

We know that Rhonda is good at making dough!

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