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I'm extremely happy to report that Steve is much better today. He sat up in his wheelchair for a couple of hours today, and his fever is subsiding.

I can't express my gratitude to all the Ragers for their support and prayers.

The hospital staff along with Dr. Browning have been nothing less than awesome!!!

Although we're not out of the woods yet, his prognosis his 100% better today than yesterday. He's more alert, starting to eat, and of course getting grumpier about being in the hospital. These are all great signs.

As you might have realized, my parents, myself, and brother Jim have been very concerned since he fell last Wednesday. Nothing could be tougher for us than when Steve is in pain.

Rhonda and I are staying with him tonight. If anyone can make him smile, it's Rhonda. He loves her to pieces. She feels the same towards him.

Thank you from the entire Sandker family.
 Thanks Herb!!!  That is such great news!  Everyone who has ever met Steve just loves him, he's such a joy to be around!  I'm so glad he is doing better!  Prayers are continuing for his recovery!
This is wonderful news!!  Prayer is a very powerful thing for sure!  Steve is such a wonderful person to be around.  He surely knows how to brighten the room!

Prayers are continuing for Steve and the entire Sandker clan.
jim & mary goodman

Thats great news Herb about Steve progress today. We would have checked in eariler but just got home from working fr 6am-6pm sure makes a short evening! Mary & I will check in tomorrow.


I am so glad to hear Steve is doing better!!!


Wonderful news!!

Robert Hall


I was sad to read here that Steve had to have surgery!--
I hope he recovers quickly and doesn't have to endure much pain..without any complications..I'll keep him and his family in my prayers..glad to hear he's doing better!..

By the way,Rhonda always make me smile too!.. 


Louis Gentile

Herb thanks for giving us a report on Steve I put Steve on our prayer chain today at church and that was good of Rhonda to stay with Steve and you to Herb Louis

Mary C. and Jim

Herb, thanks for the update. Prayers continue for Steve to have a speedy recovery.

Gary Kennedy

Oh, that is such great news!  The only reason that I turned on the computer tonight was for an update about Steve, and this is very good to hear.  Herb, I know that I may have given you a hard time once or twice, but it's always a tremendous joy to see what a great brother you are to Steve.  Hopefully, Steve will continue to improve each day.  With RHONDA VINCENT there to cheer him up, I'm sure that he will!

Whitey/ Linda

Steve this is for you sweetie, and the whole Sandker family!!! WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH! THE TOUGH GET GOING!! Steve get home soon, and I know you will.   Whitey and Linda Reath


So glad to hear Steve is improve so very well. We put him so several prayer list at churches. we will continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

Charlie K

Thrilling news!!! I'm glad to hear that Steve is doing so well!

Karen in CA
Hi Herb and Family,
All sports kidding aside. We have Steve in our prayers and daily thoughts. We wish him a fast recovery. Maybe there's hope...........Steve could be a San Diego Charger fan !!
How about that Steve. Lot's of laugh's from California
Karen and Chris
I just got home from the hospital. (I run the night shift so Mom and Dad can get some rest.)
I'm happy to say Steve is making great improvements in leaps and bounds. Removed the catheter yesterday, and he decided it was time to make sure everything still worked. It did, all night long!!!!!!! LOL
Needless to say he was a happy camper. He laughed, giggled, and talked till 6am!!!! Mom and Dad got to the hospital around 7am and he was snoring like no tomorrow. Mom said he must have slept good last night. I told her for the last hour he has.
I'm way too old to be staying up all night. I'm taking a hammer with me tonight. There will be no talking till the wee hours.
Looks like he will be going home on Thursday. He's ready, and so am I.
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