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How good to hear Steve is doing well. Sorry you had to receive his enthusiasm all night Herb. It's great Steve has caring folks around him. I would feel a lot less emotional in that situation know I had people that love me around.
Thank You, Herb for the updates.

Jane H
Herby, Since tomorrow is a big day as far as Steve going home, you both undoubtedly will need good sleep tonight...or else you(not Steve)may be a little cranky. Hopefully Steve didnt sleep a lot today,or he may be awake again tonight. SO, if needed, see if the nurses are able to give Steve a mild sedative for a good nights rest? Worth a try, better than a hammer,lol! It is so good to know he is improving steadily now. Thanks for the updates. JBH
Whitey/ Linda

So glad to hear Steve is about ready to fly the coop!!!  hope the family is not to run down, take care of yourselves, and we pray you all get the rest you need, for when he comes home.  Linda

Brenda A

Thank God for answering prayer and for Steve's road to recovery!! May he continue to improve and get stronger each day!! Please continue to keep us posted in him.

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