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Hey Everyone!
I got to catch a St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training game today on FSN-Midwest.  I've had the baseball fever for a while now, but we are rapidly approaching Opening Day, and I can hardly contain my excitement!
I know I've seen quite a bit of negativity about the Cards and their lack of moves in the off-season, but I'm pretty excited about what we've got going.  The starting rotation is shaping up, and Carp is looking great...now if they can all stay healthy!  My favorite player, Skip Schumaker is trying to make the transition from outfield to 2nd base.  He looked pretty good out there today...I think if everyone will give him the chance to make a few mistakes, he can make it work...he definitely has the work ethic.
So what's every ones favorite team?  What moves did they make in the off-season?  How's their Spring Training going?  Let's talk BASEBALL!!
Oh by the way, we've been playing catch out in the yard for about a month, so if Tony needs a reliever, I'm ready...lol!

Have a great night! 

I still miss Scott Rolen.

FSN Midwest blocks Cardinals in Kansas in favor of Royals.  Be nice if we got Cardinals on Royals off days.

Mike Garlock
Hi Mearoo,

    Expect a Signed copy of "How to be a Good Wife" coming your way from Dear Herby!  He will be so excited to read your Post.  Mike G.
Megaroo, I knew there was something special about you. Being a Cardinals fan gives you a lot of class in my books.

Good choice!!!!!!
LET'S GO BUCS!!! Pittsburgh Pirates all the way.......to 17 consecutive losing seasons!!!

Megaroo......Please don't take any trashing I do of the Cardinals personally......but its my job to continually give Herby a hard time so if I have to say mean things about the Cards to accomplish this....its just something I have to do
Gary Kennedy

My favorite team is whoever is playing the San Diego padres.  I worked for them as a scoreboard operator for 19 years, but then a right wingnut got control of the schedule and refused to schedule me to work because I didn't vote for the unelected cheney-bush regime in the fraudulent 2004 presidential selection.  At least, I certainly didn't intend to vote for them.  As has been well documented in numerous places, including a Congressional investigation, the computer "results" were manipulated by karl rove's operatives to give the cheney-bush regime their second unelected term.  So there's really no way to know what became of my vote.  It was total "faith based" voting.  

There's no time for conversation during a real sport like basketball, but a baseball game only contains about five minutes of action and three hours of scratching and spitting.  So there's plenty of time for the scoreboard crew to get to know each other.  This right winger loved to start political discussions during the padre games.  He started them and I finished them for him.  Like any right winger, he had a lot of opinions and no facts.  Apparently, he watched some fake news channel which is quite popular with these right wingnuts.  I think it was the one that lied about the great RHONDA VINCENT being in their studio when she was actually in South Carolina at the time.  She had been in their studio in New York a few months earlier and sang "Good Thing Going" but they kept refusing to show the video because the song is a true story and that station doesn't like to show anything that is factual.  She finally convinced them to show it by pointing out that the song also contains a piece of fiction.  However, when they finally did show it, they cut her off in the middle of her mandolin break and we didn't get to hear the last verse and chorus.  Apparently, they desperately needed to report that Jennifer Lopez had just had a baby.  It turns out that this was actually true.  Congratulations to JLo and the proud father.

But I digress.  In 2005 I talked to a lawyer about the possibility of suing the padres but he said that it would be impossible to prove.  Apparently, firing people because you don't like their patriotic views is a common right wing ploy, but there's not anything that we can do about it.  Well, unless they post it on a message board somewhere.

Go Cardinals, Pirates, Braves, Brewers, Nationals, Reds, Mets, Cubs, Marlins, Phillies, Astros, and especially Giants, Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers!

Okay, the pot is now stirred.  Your move, Dear Herby.


I took the time to put "padres" and "karl rove" in a smaller font, but they came out bigger than the other letters.  Does this message board have a Complaint Department?

Mike Garlock
Afternoon GLK,

    Sounds like your not learning anything from past Political Conversations.  I hope your current views don't have any impact on future employment possibilities.  Mike G.

P.S.-You forgot the Yankee's
Kids, kids, kids.....
My mistake, Hammer.  I haven't watched any Major League Baseball in the past four seasons and I completely forgot about interleague play.  Actually, that's not completely true because the Cardinals were on the TV at Scrubby Duds a couple of years ago during the annual Rager Laundry Party in beautiful Kirksville, Missouri, home of the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.

Go Angels, Royals, A's, Twins, Rays, Blue Jays, Yankees, White Sox, Orioles, Rangers, Mariners, Tigers, Red Sox, and INDIANS !

Don't worry, employment possibilites have greatly improved since January 20th.  San Diego State has potential home court advantage for the first three rounds of the Not In Tournament, which starts tonight.  Also, we're hosting the first two rounds of the Women's NCAA Tournament.  I'll be making a special appearance on ESPN2 this coming Bluegrass Saturday Night.

Thanks for your interest in my career.  Hopefully, this will alleviate your concerns, although I may be guilty of violating Universal Message Board Etiquette by hijacking this baseball thread.  I'll try to swing by the Swami's basketball thread sometime today.
I wish Karl Rove would have manipulated this last vote too. Then we wouldn't have had to send $200,000 to California for tatoo removal, which is supposed to be part of the stimulis package. What a mess this guy has created!!!!!

That Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid/Barack Obama regime might go down in history as the worst. I've seen some bad ones, but this takes the cake. The money I have in my pocket isn't worth the paper it's printed on!!!

GLK...Did you know that President Obama has a lower approval rating right now, than Bush did at this same time in his first term. Yes, that was right after Al Gore couldn't even win his own state, but had the gall to fight for Florida.

Like I told all my liberal buddies last October....be careful what you wish for!!!! You might get more than you bargain for.

Unfortunately, it looks WE did.

Sick 'em Hammer!!!!!! It's your turn!!!!

Can we start a politcal message board and keep all of this THERE??????? No real reason to make people angry with each other on Rhonda's board....and politics is one sure way to cause tempers to flare up.
Gosh darn it Prez...why you always have to be such a wet blanket???

Go Cards!!!!!!!!!
Tom Alman
Gee! Just when I was gonna through my vote to GLK, someone wants us to quit talkin' politics LOL!!!

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