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The Ol' Dawg

Go ahead and delete 'em, Prez - It's always worked on me !!!   

Pool, I really liked Scotty, but I think it was time for him to move on.  I like Troy Glaus as our third baseman, hope he won't miss too much of the season.  That stinks that the games are blocked out in your area.
Mike, your post made me laugh!
Herby, I'm glad to have a lot of class in your books!  Let's Go Cardinals!!
Julia, I won't take it personally!  I think it will be a lot of fun having a friendly central division rivalry on here...looking forward to it!
Julia, I can appreciate your concern, but these are very friendly disagreements among some of the greatest minds of our generation (although I also participate sometimes).  Debating political issues is our patriotic duty and a great way to honor the sacrifices of the many brave men and women who have defended our freedom.

Herby, we don't usually refer to our elected government as a "regime".  The appropriate term is "administration".  Also, I really wish you wouldn't criticize President Obama like that.  Bill O'Reilly thinks it's unpatriotic for any citizen to question our president about anything.  At least that's what he was saying a few years ago.  You don't suppose he's changed his mind, do you?

Does Rupert Murdoch have his own special poll?  Gallup currently has President Obama (oh, that has such a nice ring to it!) with a 61% approval rating.  Exactly eight years ago, they had Bush at 58%.  Herby, you know as well as anyone that the final score is what really counts.  On January 20th, they had Bush at 25%.  We'll have to wait and see what the numbers are for President Obama (I just love typing that), but I'm very optimistic.  So far he's been fantastic, although I want him to do more and do it faster.  He basically needs to overturn all foreign and domestic policy decisions of the past eight years.  It could take decades to get us out of this mess, but at least we're headed in the right direction. 

By the way, Dear Herby, you do understand that the current economic crisis started long before the election, don't you?  Concentrating the overwhelming majority of wealth in the hands of one percent of the population (or "voodoo economics" as GHWB called it in the only highlight of his long and undistinguished career) has always been a complete disaster for the working people of this great nation.  Hopefully, we've learned that lesson for good this time.

Having spent the past four years studying how the 2004 presidential selection was stolen, I can tell you exactly why karl rove wasn't able to do it again in 2008.  I'll be happy to explain it the next time that I see you.  On second thought, that will probably be at Sally Mountain and there's no point in ruining the world's greatest bluegrass festival by discussing one of the most corrupt gangsters in Amercan history.

Every day when I'm walking at the beach, I see many beautiful women with incredible bodies that are covered with ink.  That completely ruins the experience for me.  They're perfectly free to destroy their own bodies if they want, so I'm pro-choice on the tattoo issue.  However, for those who finally come to their senses, I strongly support federal funding for tattoo removal.  $200,000 isn't nearly enough!

Ok then, the answer to my request would be NO.
Gary, you're a good ole boy, even if you are from the LEFT coast. I'm not going into politics (not much anyway) because Julia will slap my wrists.

I'll just congratulate President Obama, and Oprah on a well spoken message and political campaign. Evidently the majority of the country was looking for a smooth talkin' salesman (which of course I can relate to) when they voted last November, and they got 1.

I wish the big 3 (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) well in Washington. I hope they enjoy their brief stays. Just don't make my dollar worth less than a peso so when I go to Mexico on the next Bluegrass Cruise I have to carry 10 times the amount of money to get 1 peso, to shop with in Cozumel. Remember, I'm married to the "Queen of shoppers" and I don't think they make grocery bags big enough to carry the amount of money it would take for her to buy a pair of shoes.

Let me correct you on 1 thing...Bill O. does NOT think it's unpatriotic to question the President or his regime (and no I did not mistaken regime for administration) he thinks it's your patriotic duty, but he doesn't think you should throw shoes at them.

Finally, do you think Obama could send me a cook book on how to crush pecans without breaking the bag? It sure gets messy. I would ask if he would have instructions on "how to release fish on a slippery pond bank," but I'm sure he's never done that before.

Maybe Oprah or Pelosi could help on the cook book. That would be a step up for Nancy.

Have a great day GLK...1 more day till the big tourney starts!!!!!
Mr. Zoom
Go Tigers!!!

Edward from WV
Tom Alman
I like the way you think Mr Zoom!!!

Kim from MO

Well I have to go with Herb and Megaroo, go Cards!  (It's what we do in Missouri!!!)

Alright Kim!!
Got to catch another ST game today on TV.  I wish they would televise all of them...I would watch if I could.
Skip is looking more and more comfortable at 2nd base.  He made a very sharp diving play and scrambled quickly to his feet to throw out the runner at first.  I really hope he wins the starting job.
What do you Cards fans think about how the team is shaping up?
Julia, how are the Pirates looking so far?

Well Megaroo....the Pirates are actually winning games in Spring Training, but I fear we will have our 17th consecutive losing season And it will probably start out bad in St. Louis

On the good side, since we got a new front office 2 years ago, things are starting to look up. We have some exciting young players who should be ready for the majors in a couple of years so help is coming. Having said that, one of the most exciting prospects we have that we got from the Yankees last year and looks to be a star in the making......is causing many Pirate faithful to break into tears It as learned this week that his 43 year old wife (he's 20) was arrested for kidnapping a baby over the weekend. Such is the luck of a Pirates fan Hopefully he wasn't involved in it.
CARDINAL FANS, sorry to inform you, but, you are going to be looking up to the Cubs, Brewers, and maybe the Reds, Cardinal fans will have a long year, Cubs by 10 games.
 Cub fan Whitey
Prez, you notice Whitey didn't even mention the Pirates, which indicates to me another last place finish. I couldn't agree more.

Now for the rest of his pecking order....the key to the Cardinals 2009 season will be pitching. If they stay healthy, they will win the division going away. Carp hasn't given up a run this spring. Wainright looks good. Loshe and Wellemeyer are on pace. Both young closers are coming on strong, and of course with the reigning MVP in the line-up and healthy, there's no reason they won't top the division. Here's my prediction for the NL Central 2009

1. St. Louis Cardinals (will win 95 plus games and win the division by 5 games)
2. Houston Astros
3. Chicago Cubs
4. Milwaukee Brewers
5. Cincinatti Reds
6. Pittsburgh Pirates
Prez, you notice Whitey didn't even mention the Pirates, which indicates to me another last place finish. I couldn't agree more.

Wow they haven't been in last place since.....well last year I guess I'll cancel those world series tickets I bought last week
I agree with you! I am a die hard cards girl all the way! can't wait until they come to Houston to play that is the probably the only game I will get to catch.
Julia,  That's terrible about the kidnapping, hope it all works out.
Do the Pirates have any of their Minor League clubs near you where you can see some of they young prospects work their way up?  It is so exciting to see the up and coming talent while they are still in the farm system!  We try to go as much as we can to see the Arkansas Travelers play...they are the AA affiliate of the Angels.  A couple of years ago they had some awesome middle infielders come through, it was a lot of fun watching them play.  I don't follow the Angels too closely, but one night they were on ESPN and probably half of their starting lineup we had seen in Little Rock or North Little Rock (they moved a few seasons ago across the river into a new stadium).  I do miss the days when the Travs were affiliated with the Cardinals though.  We saw Rick Ankiel come up as a young hot shot pitcher and then got to see him come back up as an outfielder with Springfield (the Cards current AA team).
Herby, you are right about pitching being the key.  I am excited about Jason Motte as a closer.  He has an electric fastball and has been working on a second pitch.  One thing is for sure we don't need another situation like Izzy last season.  Love the prediction for the NL Central!
Lib,  Have fun in Houston supporting our Redbirds! 
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