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Mike B
Julia & ALL baseball fans - if anyone is a nostalgia or history buff, I know a trip you might want to consider.  For one game each year, the Birmingham Barons return to historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham - the nations oldest surviving ballpark.  Rickwood has hosted Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Henry Aaron and other legends that are too numerous to mention here.  This years game is Wed., May 27 @ 12:30PM.  The Barons host the Mississippi Braves.  For more about Rickwood, check out the link:
Hi Megaroo!

The one thing that I am going to not like about moving to TN is that I'm not going to be able to go see my favorite minor league team, the Altoona Curve. They are the Pirates AA club and I've been going to their games for 10 years. They were only an hour from my house until I moved to WV, but I still try and go to several games a year.

The year I got married and moved to WV, the low A club an hour from my house the other direction, the State College Spikes changed from being the Cards minor league club to being the Pirates club. I moved before they played their first game as a Pirates affiliate. This April, the WV Power, a high A team that was in the Brewers system, and ONE MILE from my house....will be the Pirates newest farm team....and of course I'M MOVING I"ll get to a few games before I leave. It is so exciting to watch the young guys come up thru the system and then make the big club!

I guess I'll have to be a Nashville Sounds fan now.....wish they were still a Pirates club like they used to be
Mike B
One more thing, Julia.  Rickwood Field was modeled after Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. Another link:
I caught just a minute of the Pirates/Phillies ST game today on MLB Network.  The announcers were really talking up a young player, I think the name was McCutchen?  I didn't catch all of it, but is that one of your up and coming prospects?
Mike B,
Rickwood Field sounds very interesting.  I miss the days when our AR Travs played at Ray Winder Field.  It was their home from 1932-2006.  It was just one of those classic old-time ballparks.  Wish the Travs would do something similar to what the Barons do...I think Ray Winder is just sitting there rotting away.

Good morning Megaroo. I wish we had the MLB network here, I would've loved to have watched that game! Yes Andrew McCutchen is one of our top prospects! I watched him in Altoona and he's going to be a good one! He was 5 for 5 yesterday with I think 3 doubles.

Maybe after 16 losing seasons, the future is looking bright with 3 top notch players in the minors.
Mr. Zoom
Well the shocker of the week is that the Tigers have released Gary Sheffield (and no, this is not an April Fools joke).  He is one home run shy of 500.  I wonder who he'll get that magic number with now?

Edward from WV
Alright Cards fans, Opening Day is tomorrow against Julia's Pirates.  The opening day lineup has been posted here.
1. Brendan Ryan, 2B
2. Rick Ankiel, CF
3. Albert Pujols, 1B
4. Khalil Greene, SS
5. Ryan Ludwick, RF
6. Yadier Molina, C
7. Chris Duncan, LF
8. Brian Barden, 3B
9. Adam Wainwright, P

It sure would have been nice to see Skip open up the season at 2nd, and I think he should have gotten that chance.  Oh well Tony is still calling the shots.
Looks like Troy Glaus is out until at least June.  I hated to hear that.  I was hoping he would be back just a few weeks into the season.


What happened to Colby Rasmus joining the team???
Kim From MO
Woohoo!!  Opening day!!! 

Cardinals! Cardinals!
LET'S GO BUCS!!!! I've got my Direct TV MLB Extra Innings all set up, I get to watch all of the Pirates games this week!! Gotta love opening day....it's the ONE day in the season where the Pirates are even with everyone else
Colby Rasmus made the final roster, but I guess Tony thought Dunc would be a better option for tomorrow's starting lineup.
I love the enthusiasm!!
I'll be at work tomorrow when the game starts.  I'm hoping I won't miss too much of the game.  I don't suppose my boss would be willing to set up a TV with FSN-Midwest so I won't miss any of it...doubt it...lol!

I refuse to watch any sport where "banjo hitter" is considered an insult.  The banjo should be revered and respected at all times.

This is going to be a LONGGGGG season 17 losing seasons in a row, HERE WE COME
Then again.....I COULD be wrong BUCS WIN!!!!!
Howdy, y'all!  I've been a fan of Rhonda's for over a decade, being introduced to her work (at least the Gospel side of it), thru "Front Porch Fellowship" with Les Butler on Solid Gospel 105 here in northern Middle Tennessee.  I'd e-mail Les after hearing him broadcast the latest by Rhonda, and I'd say, "that lady can SING! -- and play the instrument!"  It's sure good to be back here after seven years in San Antonio, a wonderful city but one that doesn't give you much Rhonda for the listening pleasure!

Now, as for favorite baseball team. . .  well, actually my faves are ones whose I've actually attended.  These would be the Nashville Sounds (AAA) and the San Antonio Missions (AA - Texas League).  I went to so many Missions games, especially during their back-to-back Texas League championships ('02 & '03 -- they also were champs in a later year), and their home field, Nelson Wolff Stadium, is such a fine place to play ball, that the S.A. fellows will ALWAYS be my very favorite Team.  Even tho' a couple years ago they were handed over to the San Diego Padres by the seattle Mariners.  (You see, I was raised in the PAc NW and so support the Mariners, and I hate California teams -- but then, "Padres" does go along with "Missions".)

As for Major League baseball, yes, I like the Mariners.  My boyhood fave were the Pittsburgh Pirates, until my great Hero Roberto Clemente was killed in a plane crash while flying relief supplies to quake-strocken Nicaragua.  And I support the Colorado Rockies and the Atlanta Braves, too.

But my MLB favorite team for years -- even tho' they hardly ever make the playoffs or have a winning season -- is the Texas Rangers.  I went to a couple of their games back about 1978 or 79.  In one they were playing the Mariners, and I witnessed the Rangers do the only triple play I've ever seen.  Later, I really admired Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan.  (If I've had a baseball hero since Roberto, it will be Nolan.)

Go, Rangers!  Maybe THIS year! 

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