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Bill Hinson

good luck Carolyn, best of luck

Mark Morrison
Here's to a speedy recovery and safe return home.  We know God watches over his own.  Our prayers are with you.

Mark and Paula Morrison
and Paityn Rose
We drove through St Louis, rush hour traffic at 8:30am this morning. Arrived at the hospital to check in.  She officially went in at 10am; as I told her I loved her, and said goodbye.  Joined those in the surgical waiting room.  Set up to finish a project I had started days earlier.  Around 12 noon; the speakers blared "CODE BLUE"  "CODE BLUE".  Everyone in the room, instantly bowed their heads in silent prayer for the person in the surgical room.  I involuntarily fasted again with Mom. Started to get worried, when I hadn't heard anything by 2pm.  Finally at 2:30pm, Dr Howard came in; said Mom's rota tor cuff was very repairable; and the hardest part would be; she can't do ANYTHING for 6 weeks.  And no ambulance work for at least 3 months.  I went in to see her.  Worry came again, her left eye was droopy, and she was dizzy, and could barely walk.  All from the anesthesia.  They gave her a nerve block; and all my worries were caused from the block. They said it was a good thing; and shouldn't start to wear off for 15 hours; and that she should just enjoy that.  

We left the hospital, again at 4:30pm rush hour; after rigging her clothing to get her to the car.  First thing Mom said was, "It's about time for Brenda's Bluegrass, isn't it?"

We arrived back at the hotel, ordered a feast of Tomato Mozzarella salad and chicken sandwiches.  For dessert, she ate the 2 Sugar Free Chocolate Marshmallow Santas  I gave her for being such a good patient.  :-)

After dinner, she laid down and went to sleep, listening to the sounds of Sweet Brenda.  I went on a quest to find clothes for tomorrow's drive home.

Found 2 great poncho types, that should work great in the blizzard we have outside now.  Snow is pouring.  Saw Santa Claus, and now I'm back at the hotel.  time for a bedtime snack, then sleep.

the feeling is starting to come back in mom's fingers and hands. I have the pain meds ready, if she needs them in the night.

They said to stay on top of that; and not let her get to the point of unbearable pain. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  HOpefully this will be a great improvement for her.  Only time will tell.

Good Night!!!

Ann A

Thanks Rhonda.......give your Mom our love and tell her we are thinking about her.  Thought about her all day, we were sure glad when we got the word all was well.

Thanks Rhonda.  We will continue our prayers for Carolyn's recovery. 
Jane H
Rhonda, Thanks be to God your mom is safely back to your care. Prayers continue for a safe drive back home today and steady progress for Carolyn. Sure hope the weather improves too. Pain meds, ice- if doc ordered(family sized bag of frozen peas) and don't forget the colace!!  JBH
Whitey/ Linda

Hi Rhonda and Carolyn, thanks so much Rhonda for the up date, loved it!  Carolyn, it sounds like you were in a mess!! a long surgery, long recovery. Now!! it is time for other people to help you, since you touch so many life's with all you do. I know there will be plenty of volunteers, if i lived closer i would be one of them. Take care and will be thinking of you, and praying for a fast recovery, with little pain.  Love ya Whitey and Linda

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Rhonda,

    Please tell Carolyn we are glad to here she has started her road to recovery.  Thanks for the updates.  Mike G.
Jim Mary Goodman
Rhonda so glad Carolyn is on the way to recovery. Mary & I were thinking about her all day. Mary started hurting about supper the block and spinal started to wear off. They started wakling her in the morning and afternoon,that will continue today. She will use a walker for 6 weeks blood thinner for 6 months and phycisal theropy. And i dont know what else.Sounds like NURSE JIMMY G will be quite busy,But it will be worth it so mary can get back to normal, but like BOOG told mary the other day, Mom you have never been normal!

Praying there is a speedy recovery! 

I'm glad she's doing well.  I pray for a speedy recovery.

But how do they make marshmallow without sugar? LOL
Thanks for the update RV.  It's amazing what they do outpatient these days! I'm glad Carolyn is doing well.  Definitely stay on top of those pain pills for her when the nerve block wears off....or else you might regret it. haha  I took care of one of my "adopted" moms after she had knee surgery.  Boy, did that let me see a whole new side of her when the pain pill wore off.  

Jimmy G, please take good care of Mary for me.  I hope she doesn't have too much pain today.  Let her know I'm thinking about her.

I'll keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


Carol Cox

Rhonda, am glad your Mom's surgery is over and will be praying that she will have a rapid recovery. Tell her to do what the doctors ordered and not to overdo it. Knowing her it will be hard to do. Tell her I love her and will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Love you too....Carol


I don't know if I'm going to have enough grapes for all the walking wounded we have on the MB. Maybe I'll just get the new guitar out, and sing them a song. That'll cure 'em. They'll be up and going before you know it. Anything to keep me from yodelin'

Louis Gentile
My prayers are with you Carolyn and Rhonda hope you make a speedly recovery
 Carolyn take care from Louis is Maryland!
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