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Mike Garlock
Evening Ragers,

    Just arrived home from a Christmas Party...Anyone else go to a Party Tonight????   Mike G.

Joe & I were at a party tonight, just not Christmas.  Our youngest grandson turned 1 yesterday and they had a big party tonight. They sure change fast!!


Our party was right here at home tonight.  Me doing some pickin', and then playin' on the computer for a bit, all while the Good Wife was working in the kitchen.  The 2 of us had one great night together.
This topped any possible party that we could have gone to.

Hey Herby, I bet this makes you proud!   Looks to me like she read the book!

Wait till she sees this! 


Brenda, what are you bottling up for Christmas presents? It looks like you have been very busy. Hope you have a great Christmas.  Linda Reath

Ann...what is in those jars????

I wasn't invited to any parties.  I never get invited anywhere, LOL.  I wonder why?

Mike Garlock

They say first recognizing the Problem is the start to recovery!  Mike G.

Ann A.

Brother........ is that MAN in TROUBLE!!!
I had no idea till this morning that he had posted that picture on the message board.  If I had of I would have got a little better dressed, rather than my workin' clothes.

Rhonda.....they are Gifts in a Jar...... They are full of the dry ingredients layered attractively in the jar to different cookies, muffins or loaves.  All the recipient needs to do is add the wet ingredients.
I made 20 jars up this CHRISTmas season(Chocolate Walnut Bars, Grandma's Cookies, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, M&M Bars, Pecan Bar Mix, Mystical Bars, No Fuss Bar Cookie and Cherry-Nut Muffins) as well I did 15 bags of Split Pea Soup Mix(dry ingredients, all you need to do is add the chicken stock, ham or chicken or no meat) and another one of Andrews favorites is Continental Coffee Mix, I think I did 10 of those.  Oh, Don tells me not to forget the mini  loaves in the freezer, peanut brittle, almond bark, candy cane bark, gum drop fudge, coconut chocolates and Nuts & Bolts Snack Mix....which I made extra and hid it.
I make up about 10-12 bags or baskets of home goodies and give to friends and relatives.   As well, in the bags/baskets I always try to find stuff that is fun and has some CHRISTmas meaning (little book in pic).
Don always laughs at me EVERY CHRISTmas, I go nuts in the kitchen (don't tell Herby, but I do love being in the kitchen)...... I have always been about the giving at CHRISTmas.....I wish I could give more......but I do want to go on a cruise that is happening February 13, 2010.....have you heard of it? It sounds like a blast!

Photo Credits:  The Good Husband

Oh, I love this picture!  Ann, it's great to see you going nuts and bolts.  You look like you're one of Santa's elves, eh?

Harry, it's not true.  I once invited you to sit beside me in the front row at Wind Gap.  I don't know why some people always pick on you.  You were a well-behaved and attentive audience member, which is all I really ask from a person.  We'll have to do it again sometime!
Sweet Brenda
You go Ann!!!

I Love the jar's
Whitey/ Linda

Hi Ann, i think anyone who gets one of those presents would be very happy, I would.  Sorry I called you Brenda, lol i knew you were Ann, although last summer was the first time we met. I can blame it on age ok!! lol. Hope you have a great Christmas.   Linda


Gary, anytime you get front row seats, we'll be glad to sit with you.  Thanks.

Can't Say :-)
Linda....I'll bet Brenda is better than what "DAWN" calls her.   

  "DAWN" who?

Savannah P

These look REALLY yummy! lol. I mean when, well you get it. lol. 

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